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Tree Removal in Mitcham

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For complete tree care 24/7 We service all suburbs in Adelaide, including Mitcham. Call us, anytime, for tree removal, firewood, pruning, stump grinding, arborist reports, palm tree removal, and power line clearing. We work with homeowners to support all their need. A family owned business with high service standards, our service is friendly, professional, and fast. We’ve been working with in this industry for over 20 years.

Removal of old trees

Stump Grinding

Tree Pruning

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Tree pruning

Lighten your tree’s load and avoid issues during storms. Have our team prune them for you. This helps prevent fires, as well as keeps them neat and tidy. We’ll prune your trees to a point so they continue to grow. In doing so, you can avoid branches and dead wood on your roof and ground.

Stump grinding

Have you removed recently? We can grind out the stump to prevent the trunk from growing. We’ll tidy up the stump so it looks neat in your yard.

Arborist reports

Unsure about a tree in your yard? Worried about safety? Call our team in to examine your tree safety, as well as adhering to council regulations. If we’re removing it, we’ll coordinate anything specific that your council requires us to do prior.

Power line clearing

We’ve removed hundreds of dangerous, old trees. Often, power lines are involved, so expert skills are needed to execute the removal. We can also clear power lines, telephone lines, and aerial lines – as well as high and low voltage street power lines.

Removing trees isn’t something homeowners do often. If yours is over one metre, you’re legally required to call in an expert. There are some expectations, so talk to your local council. However, it’s best to use a professional team who specialise in removals. You need to consider things like applying for a removal and when to coordinate with your neighbour.

Think of us as tree surgeons. Our goal is to keep you safe within your home, by removing the risk of large trees coming down. Whether you need a professional to remove a tree or you’re simply after advice.

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