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Tree Removal in St Georges

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Do you have a dangerous tree or precarious branches on your property? Is there foliage encroaching on your power lines? Are you concerned about the safety of your children when playing outside? Well it’s time to call us!  We are St Georges’ expert team of tradesmen with 20 years of experience between us. Whether you need a full tree removal, stump grinding, power line cleaning or an arborist’s report, we are qualified and skilled at doing it all. In times of emergency due to storms or strong wind, our 24/7 response team will get your problem sorted quickly. As a family operated business, you’ll be impressed with our great customer service and affordable prices – especially for our pensioner clients. We’re only too happy to give you a free quote and advice on any trees that are causing strife at your home, so call us now.

Removal of old trees

Stump Grinding

Tree Pruning

Best Specialists

Certified Arborist Service

If you are looking to have a tree removed due to home extension or making way for landscaping, you’ll be needing an arborist’s report to send for council approval first. Luckily, we have a fully certified arborist on our team to make the process smooth and fast. Our arborist can also identify disease, pest infestation or safety hazards your trees may have. Give your local St Georges arborist a call today.

Expert Tree Lopper Near Me

Trees add so much to our outdoor landscape, providing shade and greenery we all love to enjoy. However, if you’ve noticed precariously hanging trees and limbs growing over your roof or shed, you need a professional lopper to get your house and family safe and secure. We specialise in all types of trees, including oaks, palms, gums and willows, and will remove them to the highest safety standard. You can either keep the firewood and mulch for yourself, or we’ll clear your yard of everything – it’s that easy! We also make your property safe by removing dead debris that can fuel bushfires. Speak to the team.

Can I Prune My Tree?

Regular pruning of your trees is a must to keep your property safe and appealing. Our expert pruners and cutters will trim overgrown branches and limbs, prune them back to their healthiest growth point, and clear deadwood away. And if you want a more aesthetic look for your palms, we can get them into shape too.

Power Line Clearing

Our team are highly trained at both high and low voltage power line clearance. We clear away rogue branches and foliage that have grown over the lines or fallen due to storms and wind. We’ll ensure a safe environment for your family, 24/7.

St Georges Stump Grinding

If you’ve had a tree removed and are left with a useless stump, consider hiring our stump grinders to finish off the tree for good. You don’t want the trunk’s remnants becoming a haven for ants or termites, rotting or being a tripping hazard, so a stump grind is the way to go. We also use poisons to prevent trees from re-growing over time. Discuss the best option for your stump with our team.

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