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Need a tree pruned or removed in Morphett Vale, SA, 5162? we are your number one choice for tree care in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. Why choose them? Best prices and service, backed up by a combined 20 years’ experience in looking after trees. As Certified Arborists, they know their trees and South Australian conditions. we are a family owned and operated business, with a commitment to best practice and the health of your trees. They have an exceptional safety record dealing with dangerous trees in all sorts of situations. They offer Emergency Call -Outs. Your trees and your property will be in safe hands. Their comprehensive services include: Tree pruning & removals, power line clearing, arborists reports, stump grinding, and fire wood & mulch.

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Tree Pruning

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Tree Pruning

We all love our trees! Some are majestic, towering above us, others are more prosaic, but still a part of our landscape. Our trees, often, define our homes and properties. As natural as trees are, they do still require management and care over time. Homes and gardens are a balance between structures and natural entities, like our significant trees. Tree pruning is a big part of that management and planning that goes into every great property. we respects that balance in your environment. They offer free, friendly advice on how to care for your trees, now and into the future. It may be lightening limbs and the crown to help prevent fire damage to residences. Removing limbs over roofs and dead wooding. The health of your trees in Morphett Vale and surrounding suburbs, can be optimised through careful pruning. Call for a Free Quote today.

Arborists Reports

we are Certified Arborists can prepare a report to assess the trees on your property for safety and their long-term health. They work closely with the City of Onkaparinga council regulations to ensure that you meet with their approval on any actions undertaken. Significant Trees, those measuring two metres in circumference at one metre above the ground, cannot be removed without there being exceptional reasons for it. we can advise you and liaise with council to help you in these situations. Trees, such as these, can be pruned by up to 30%, as long as it does not adversely affect the overall health of the tree. Applications for removal cost $95 from council. Any overhanging branches from your neighbours’ trees can be cut back to the fence line. Planning for the growth of the trees on your property is the smart strategy, which really cares for the health of your trees and garden.

Powerline Clearing

Trees in Morphett Vale and throughout Adelaide must be kept well clear of power lines. we can safely remove all offending limbs and branches to ensure that your property complies with this ordinance. They have an enviable safety record for dealing with trees in all sorts of situations. They have the training, experience and equipment to get the job done fast and without any fear of danger or damage to your property or themselves. Call for a no-obligation quote now.

Stump Grinding

True Value Trees can grind out any stumps and prevent any trunk regrowth. They are your total tree removal service in Morphett Vale. Fire wood and mulch, is also, readily available. Emergency call-outs available. Call for a free quote today.

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  • Super pleased we went with Robert on this one. He has superior knowledge when it came to removing our old and creaky Gum tree. He even had the machine for the stump grinding. Great job, highly recommend. Michael 10/29/2018