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Proudly South Australian, our family owned tree care company partners with homeowners. For over 20 years, we’ve overseen the entire tree removal process for our clients. We specialise in removals, pruning, stump grinding, arborist reports, palm, tree removal, firewood, and power line clearing. Our customers choose us for our competitive pricing, friendly service, and passion for tree care. We offer no-obligation quotes and 24/7 support. If there’s an emergency, you can rely on us. Our certified arborists, Mark and Steve, will take care of your tree needs. Get in touch with us now. If you’ve got a fire in your Glenelg home, get it ready for winter.

Removal of old trees

Stump Grinding

Tree Pruning

Best Specialists

Tree pruning

Some people find gardening therapeutic, however, when there are trees involved, it’s a different story. It’s best to call a professional arborist to prune the trees on your property. It’s not worth the risk of getting up on a ladder and trying to navigate around branches and power lines. Don’t put yourself in an unsafe situation. Our guys can lighten limbs and the crown to prevent fires and dead wood falling on your roof.

Stump grinding

Recently had a tree removed? Moved into a house with a stump in the backyard? We can grind it out or poison the trunk to prevent regrowth. We do this by turning it into sawdust and using it to replenish your garden. It’s good for the environment and improves the look of your yard. Need advice on looking after your trees? Ask our friendly team.

Arborists Reports

Councils require an examination of the tree you wish to remove. A certified arborist will perform this check, which covers details about the tree size, placement, and any abnormalities. We’ll assess the tree to make sure the removal process is safe and won’t affect the environment.

Power line clearing

Keeping trees clear of power lines is critical. To reduce risk, contact us to have one of our certified arborists come out and safely remove all tree branches from around your power lines. We’re experienced in clearing power lines, telephone lines, and aerial lines.

If you’re looking for a tree removal company that’s experienced and leaves your property clean, choose us. We’ll come out to your Glenelg house today. Call us now to organise a free quote.

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  • Robery was brilliant to deal with. We know him as the Palm tree removal expert, but when it came to our huge walnut tree, he knew exactly what to do. Great prices, great quality. Thank you very much. Michael 10/29/2018
  • Not only was Robert punctual, polite and the best quote, but he also did a brilliant job of finishing what he started. When we called about our old Eucalypt tree we had a great feeling right from the first call. It took a lot of time to work out which boughs to lop off first, and dissecting the tree wasn't easy. He completed the job by stump grinding the remnants into bark chips. Janelle 10/29/2018