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Tree Removal in Blackwood

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For ongoing tree care and 24/7 emergency services, call us. We’re a family owned business with over 20 years’ experience. Certified arborists, we specialise in for tree removal, firewood, tree pruning, stump grinding, arborist reports, palm tree removal, and power line clearing. Buy your firewood and mulch from us whenever you need it. Get in touch with our guys to organise your free no-obligation quote. For all tree services, call us. We’ll come out to your Blackwood home.

Removal of old trees

Stump Grinding

Tree Pruning

Best Specialists

Tree Pruning

We’re your team of tree surgeons. Our guys help keep your trees tidy and prevent fires on your property. In an area such as Blackwood, fire prevention strategies are important. Helping to lighten the limbs will also stop branches falling on your roof. With a regular tree pruning plan, your yard is kept in great condition.

Stump grinding

We have stump grinding machines to prevent future growth on trees that have been removed in your yard. It doesn’t matter what size the stump is, we’ll either grind it out or poison the trunk to stop it from being a nuisance. Our skilled guys ensure all work is carried out in the safest possible way, preventing damage to your property.

Arborist reports

We can assess your tree for safety to make sure it meets your local council regulations for removal. If you need a report and you’re unsure how much to expect for a removal, contact us. You can’t remove the tree without council permission, but we do this every day, so we can help streamline the process.

Power line clearing

Trees are, almost always, close to power lines. This can pose a danger, especially in high winds and winter months. Our qualified arborists can safely clear trees from low and high voltage lines, telephone lines, and aerial lines.

No job is too big or small for us, so get in touch. Whenever you need us, 24/7, we’ll be there. Professional, experienced and friendly, partner with us for your tree removal needs.

Blackwood SA 5051 is a suburb that’s surrounded by tall trees. If you live here, you most likely have trees on your property. Partner with us, your local tree care and removal company. Fill out the contact form or call us now.

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  • Not only was Robert punctual, polite and the best quote, but he also did a brilliant job of finishing what he started. When we called about our old Eucalypt tree we had a great feeling right from the first call. It took a lot of time to work out which boughs to lop off first, and dissecting the tree wasn't easy. He completed the job by stump grinding the remnants into bark chips. Jeannie Wright 10/29/2018