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If you are searching for a family owned and operated team to look after all of your tree needs, call us for a free quote today! Our 20 years of collective experience make us experts in all areas of tree removal, pruning, stump grinding and even power line cleaning too. We also have a certified arborists for those needing comprehensive tree reports. You’ll find our service to be unbeatable with friendly, professional tradesmen, safe equipment and top value pricing too. Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, so whether a tree branch has fallen through your roof, or a storm has caused damage, we’ll be there to get you sorted. Simply contact our team and let us take care of your tree problems today.

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Affordable Tree Lopping Near Me

Do you suspect that a tree on your Mitchell Park property is dangerous or are you worried about the tree limbs growing over your house? Every year, homes are damaged and family members injured due to falling branches and trees. Your home may pose a bushfire risk due to dead trees and debris. Luckily, we can stop the hazard in its tracks with our professional tree chopping service. Whether it’s a gum, willow, oak or palm tree that’s the issue, we can remove it no matter the size. Our safety record is impressive, so you can trust us to get the job done properly. We’ll leave your yard clean and tidy, stocked with firewood if you use it, and make your property safe once more. Quality tree removal is just a phone call away!

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is where we use high quality machinery to grind out the trunk to below ground level. This helps prevent the tree from re-growing and allows you to utilise the space for paving and landscaping. We can also use poisons to stop the trunks re-sprouting if required.

Do I need an Arborist’s Report?

If you are planning a home extension, building a gazebo or landscaping your yard and need a tree removed, chances are you’ll need council approval first. Our certified arborist can assess the site, draw up a report and send it off to council quickly and efficiently, then we’ll do the rest! Alternatively, you may just want a diagnosis and advice on a sick-looking tree, and our arborist is qualified to help with that too.

Mitchell Park Tree Pruning

Keeping your gums, palms and eucalyptus in shape, and in optimal health, is easy with us. We are specialists in all aspects of trimming, pruning, weight reduction and removing deadwood. Don’t put up with wild branches hanging over your yard or foliage that encroaches on your neighbour’s land – get it sorted with us!

Keeping Power Lines Clear

Trees become a real hazard when growing near power, telephone and aerial lines. We have expert safety gear to clear the foliage away from both high and low voltage lines and avoid damage occurring in the future. Give us a call today for outstanding and comprehensive service from us

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  • Not only was Robert punctual, polite and the best quote, but he also did a brilliant job of finishing what he started. When we called about our old Eucalypt tree we had a great feeling right from the first call. It took a lot of time to work out which boughs to lop off first, and dissecting the tree wasn't easy. He completed the job by stump grinding the remnants into bark chips. Jeannie Wright 10/29/2018