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Are you looking for a carpet cleaning company in Fulham & Fulham Gardens (5024) who can not only bring your carpets and upholstery back to life, but have it done at a competitive price? Then we are the company that you have been looking for. We have over 20 years of experience bringing people dilapidated material floors, upholstery and even tiles back from the brink and saving them huge $$$$ in the process. If you need a team that is reliable, competitive and can have the job done in the shortest time and to the highest quality then call us today and get a FREE quote on all of our services!

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Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We all own or rent a home, it can be a great thing as it allows you freedom and a comfortable place to kick off the boots after a hard day’s work, but cleaning it can be something that nags at us until its done, and sometimes we just don’t have the time. One of the places that picks up most of this mess is the floor, furniture and tiles. If you don’t have these areas cleaned, they can start to stain and may even need to be replaced. We can have any of these areas cleaned, steamed and polished to make sure that they look brand new and will continue to look that way for years to come.

End of Lease Cleaning

If you’re currently renting a home, unit or apartment, but you’re looking at moving into a new home, you will know that as part of your lease you will have to have the home cleaned and the carpets cleaned to ensure that the next tenants have a clean and safe environment to move into. We provide one of the best end of lease carpet cleaning services and can have them shampooed, steam cleaned and dried before you make the big move to ensure that your landlord is happy and you will receive your bond back without any hassle.

Upholstery Cleaning

If your furniture’s upholstery has become damaged or worn, or even worse, covered in animal hair and dirt, then you will want to have them cleaned by a professional who can have them looking like new again. We can come to your premises at any time and use our advanced equipment to cleanse, shampoo, and dry and type of upholstery you may have to ensure they are looking fresh and new, and so they are rid of any dirt, grime and hair that may have been on there.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Do you have tiled floors with grout in-between? Has the once pure white grout become brown and dirty looking? Have the tiles themselves become covered in grime and dirt? The we have the solution for you. We have a selection of specialist machines that we use to steam clean and dry any form of tile and any type of grout to ensure that they are free of grim, dirt and mould. This will provide a much cleaner and healthier surface for you and your family to walk on and will generally make he inside of your home or office look much nicer and more comfortable.