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Woken up to no hot water? Feel like your system has been fixed one too many times? Call D&V Barolo. We’re a team of local plumbers with a 25-year history. Waking up early in the morning to a cold shower isn’t pleasant, especially in the somewhere like Mount Barker. The Adelaide Hills gets cold. If this happens to you, contact us immediately. We’ll make sure you don’t go a day without hot water. For quick hot water system replacements, we’re your go-to team. Talk to us about the type of water system you’d prefer – solar hot water, electric or gas, or a heat pump. Call David today on 0412 844 298 and after-hours on 08 8388 8362 and we’ll fix your hot water issues.

Install a new hot water service

The cost of your new hot water solution will depend on the style and size you choose. We’ll go through this with you when we’re on your property. Our aim is to help you save money on your water bill by selecting the best model for you. If you find yourself with no hot water, don’t stress. We’re not going to charge you crazy prices, just because you need hot water again. Our products are the best quality and we install them at great prices.

Find out more about our hot water systems, prices, installations, and our full range of associated services. We’re your plumbing and hot water specialist team. Any water issue or query you have, call us.

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Go green. Choose solar hot water

One of the most effective ways to save money on water and make your home greener is through solar hot water. These systems don’t cost much to run and they’re ideal for South Australia’s hot climate, particularly in summer. This means you’ll need most likely only a little boost by the backup hot water system to keep your water nice and hot.

Solar hot water systems are a great long-term investment for your house. You’ll spend less on heating water, reduce greenhouse gases, and feel great because you’re a renewable energy source. Solar is the way of the future. While you might not have much time to make a decision as to which water heater to invest in, do consider solar options. We’ll go through everything with you.

Contact us today on 0412 844 298 and we’ll come to your Mount Barker SA 5251 home.

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