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Every home or business will need an electrician to come out at some point to fix any faults that the home or building has, but finding the best team for the job can be an annoying task. We can assure you that we are the best team for the job and have many years experience repairing and installing electrical solutions for people in Fulham and Fulham Gardens (5024). Our technicians are constantly on the road and can come to your home or office at any time to fix any faults that you may have. If your wall sockets are not working properly, your switch board is shorting out, any appliances have stripped or damaged cords or even if you want a new ceiling fan installed, we can have them looked at and repaired or installed to the highest standard in the shortest amount of time.

If you want a team that is dedicated and knows all there is to know about electrical work, then call us today and speak with our amazing staff about the best solution to your needs.

Roof fans and ventilation

Lighting instillation

Home Theatre Installation

Electrical repairs and maintenance

Electrical repairs and installation

Every home and office has a wide array of electronics and wiring all throughout its design, which means from time to time, something, is going to fault or break. This is when you need a qualified team that can come to your premises and have the problem solved in the quickest possible time. There is nothing that we can’t handle and can fix and service everything from wall outlets, switchboards, lighting, electronics, stripped or broken cables, home theatre systems and even your roller door or garage electronics. We have a team that is always on the road helping clients and will be able to come to your premises at any time to make sure that all of your faulty issues are resolved in the most professional and timely manner, and replace anything that may be causing you trouble.

Lighting instillation

If you want to bring a bit more light into your home or business, then you will want to get a team of experts that can help you find the best solution for your premises. Introducing new light solutions into your home or business can help improve not only the aesthetic beauty of the building, but also improve the moods and overall happiness of your family or employees. We currently stock and install everything you can possibly want from beautiful and elegant outdoor lighting for your backyard, spotlights, vintage and modern feature lighting for cafes, bars and restaurants, energy efficient LED solutions, down lights for your bathroom, kitchen, lounge and bedroom and even garden and pool solutions so you can enjoy taking a swim or a stroll through your garden at night and creating the best atmosphere possible.

Other services

As well as being one of the best repair and maintenance electrical companies around. We also offer an assortment of other services that usually you would have to go to other business’s to get. If your smoke detector is starting to fault, then we can have a new one installed for you in the quickest time possible. We will make sure that you receive the most energy efficient and reliable smoke sensor on the market at the best value for money. If it’s a new way to cool your home or business you’re after but don’t want to drop big $$$ on an AC setup, then we stock and install the best quality ceiling fans that not only keep any room they are in cool, but they will also look fantastic and will compliment any styled home or residence you may have. We can also source and install exhaust vents for your bathroom. This is a great option as it will divert all of the steam on moisture out of the room so you will have a more pleasurable showering experience without damaging your paint work and fixtures.