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Looking for the best electrical company near you? Are you tired of being ripped off by other companies that just don’t seem to get the job done right the first time? Then we here at Urban are the business for you. We have had many years experience helping customers with any of their issues they may be having with things like lighting, appliances, broken or damaged cables and everything in-between while offering the industry’s most competitive price. We have  a team that are on call 24/7 for any emergency situation that need direct attention and will have the problem fixed on the same day. We also offer an amazing line of installation services from products like home theatre setups, fan installation and lighting solutions.

If you’re in and around Clearview (5085), Then call us today and we can have one of our technicians at your premises in the quickest time possible to help you.

Roof fans and ventilation

Lighting instillation

Home Theatre Installation

Electrical repairs and maintenance

Electrical repairs and installation

It can be an annoying scenario to be in, you’re sitting in your home or work place, and your computer shuts down, your lights won’t turn on, or your phone wont charge in the point that it’s hooked up to. This is usually a problem that can only be solved by a team of qualified technicians. We have spent many years helping customers have any issues they may be having with things such as faulty switch boards, malfunctioning appliances, broken or faulty power outlets, and even changing hard to reach light bulbs. Our team are always on the road and provide a 24/7 emergency service in which you can call at any time to have your issues resolved as soon as possible.

Lighting instillation

Having dull or outdated lighting in your home or business is something that can really ruin the mood and atmosphere. There’s nothing worse than walking into a building to only have it slightly bright or over bright and even worse, if they are fluorescent lights. We want to help you brings a new sense of enjoyment and ambience to your home or business by providing and installing a new fantastic light setup. If you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into your residence, or need a way to illuminate your backyard, we will have the solution for you. We can install any new solution from new and exceptional outdoor lighting, spotlights, beautiful feature lighting for cafes, bars and restaurants, energy efficient LED solutions which will save you huge $$$ on your next power bills, down lights for your bathroom, kitchen or lounge room and even garden and pool solutions.

Other services

While we are not only about helping people with their faulty or broken goods, we also have a number of other services which may be useful to you. We can repair any smoke detectors that may not be working in your residential home or commercial business, as well as install new ones in rooms that don’t have them. If you’re looking for an easy and cost effective way to cool your home without having to spend a fortune on an air conditioning setup, we can install any ceiling fan that you want. We can even help you find one that will match the aesthetic beauty of your premises so it will be not only functional, but look amazing. As well as cooling fans, we can also install exhaust fans for your bathroom. This is a great feature as it will eliminate all of the steam and condensation that build up when you are showering. If you’re after a new way to experience your catalogue of movies, then we can install a new home cinema setup just for you. We will take care of everything from mounting the screen, installing the sound system and DVD or Bluray player, installing the projector and will make sure that all of the cabling and wiring is tucked away so your setup up will look as clean and professional as possible.