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Did you know that most modern homes are still using old methods to cool and heat themselves? Methods which could be costing you a fortune on your power bills! We here at Adelaide Solutions want to help bring your home or business into the modern world by providing you with products that will not only save you money, but make your premises more secure for you and your family. We have over 30 years experience helping customers in the Yorke Peninsula region and have thousands of satisfied customers. If you would like to see how our amazing products can help you save time and money, and want to find the best company near you to do so, call us today and speak to our friendly staff.

Double Glazed Windows

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Security Doors

Saving Money

Double Glazed Windows

Gone are the days of continuously running your AC or heating unit to cool or heat your home. This is a method that will continue to cost you money, and with the ever rising price of power, you need a cheaper and more efficient method. uPVC double glazed windows are one of the best glass products on the market, so much so that they have a 60% of the market all around the world. They are an incredible material for keeping the warmer air in during winter, and keeping the hot air out during summer, which will save you huge $$$ in the long run. Not only are they viable source of cooling and heating, they can also significantly reduce any outside noise coming into your premises by up to 50-60%. This is a fantastic feature for shift workers or anyone who lives in high traffic areas that would lie more piece and quite.

Security Doors and Insect Screens

We all want more security for our residential homes and commercial business, but it can be a costly exercise that may only leave you with minimal security. We have come up with a solution that can help everybody in the form of force shield security doors and screens. These doors are 100% Australian made and devolved using the highest quality and strongest materials found in our country. This ensures that they are up to 40 times stronger than any of the cheap imported materials that our competitors use and are so strong that even a knife cannot cut through them. This will provide you and your family with the highest level of security at the lowest rice. Every single one of our security screens can be custom designed and built to suit any style of home so it will blend with the aesthetic beauty of your building.

How much will glazed glass cost?

When it comes to having any of our services undertaken, there is no one price that suits every job. It will always come down to the type of work that you want completed for your residence, the amount of materials used, and the size of the overall job. You should always look at it as an investment for your future, as having glazed windows will significantly reduce your power bills, which will save you huge $$$ in the long run. We guarantee that we will not be beaten on price and will assure all of our customers that our level of customer service and cheap prices will leave you with a sense of satisfaction, and more money to spend on the things you love.

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