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Home Extensions in Woodside

  • Are you after a new renovation for your home or business?
  • Is your residential home starting to feel a little small?
  • Are you looking for a bit more room to stretch out?
  • Mayfield Construction provides home extensions and renovations.
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Our Services

Has your residential home or commercial property started to feel a little small and like there is no room to move around? Are you starting to run out of space to home your possessions? Then a home or building extension is the answer to your problems. At Mayfield Construction we have well over 50 years of experience in building and designing high quality extensions such as new bedroom, new lounge rooms and even new bath and laundry rooms. This is a far cheaper and quicker alternative than to just buying a new home, and will provide you with more space and a much more vibrant and aesthetically beautiful premises.

If you need a bit more space in your Woodside home, or need to have any of the rooms you already have extended, call us today and we will be able to provide you with a free measure and quote before you get started.

Building Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

New Building

Building Renovations

If your residential home or commercial property is starting to look like a sore thumb on the inside, then why not have a new renovation on the property. This process can save time and money over buying a new home or building, but will also allow you to have complete creative control over the design process, so you get the look and feel that you want. Any style of property can be custom renovated by us, whether it be big, small, old, or new, there is no property that we can’t touch. Every room can be custom designed and spruced up from your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and your bedrooms, we can help you come up with a new look and feel that will breathe new life into your premises and give you the look and aesthetic beauty that your home deserves.

New Home Builds

As Australians, we love to have a big home with a lot of space to move around, but with the ever soaring prices of buying a new home, that dream may not turn into a reality. Luckily at Mayfield Construction, we have a solution for you, build a new one from scratch. Building a home if far more affordable than buying one that is already built, and the best thing about building is you get to design it the way you want, and to the style and specifications that you want, making it more personal and comfortable. We have an incredible team that can build any style of home that you are after. If you want a more modern feel, a classical style build, or an entirely unique design that is of your own creation, we can make it happen, and will only use the highest quality 100% Australian made materials to ensure the strength and liveability of your new home.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

They say that the kitchen is the heart of your home, which must make the bathroom the brains, since that is where most of your thinking occurs, but it can be hard to think in the shower or bath when it looks like a style that hasn’t existed for 50 years. This is when you need a new bathroom renovation. We can custom design, build and install any style of bathroom you want from a modern touch, to an older country style feel, we can design and construct anything, the same goes for your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the first things that people will see when they walk in, and if it looks out of place and from a forgotten era, it may turn them away. Bring your kitchen into the modern world with a new custom design and build from us. We can make your kitchen look the exact way you want it to, and will ensure that it is built to suit your style and your needs.

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