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  • Need to protect your roof against leaves, birds, pests and vermin?
  • Our AquaGuard gutter guards are designed for the Australian market and made with Australian materials.
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Protect your roof against leaves, birds, pests and vermin with Aquaguard. It’s not always easy to get up on your roof but clean gutters are critical. The solution? Aquaguard. It fits all roof types and are expertly installed by our team. The strength of Aquaguard is in its simple, yet effective design. Using a fine mesh that extends the roofline to the outer edge of the gutter, Aquaguard leaves no room for debris and pests. Already have a quote from another company? We’ll beat any genuine price by 5%. Call us today on 1300 997 619. We’re Willunga’s local gutter guard company, based just down the road at 4/30 Aldershot Road Lonsdale.

No more leaves

Tank Water System Friendly

Bushfire And Storm Safe

Good-Bye Birds, Pests & Vermin

Improve your water quality. Install a gutter guard.

With Aquagard, you’ll taste the difference in the quality of your water. Nothing beats fresh, great tasting water. Our award-winning solution is designed to improve your rainwater by preventing debris in your gutters. You can also maximise retention of fresh water during winter. We believe every rainwater system should have an Aquaguard to go with it. But don’t just take our word for it – Aquaguard has won awards for the best Australian gutter guard product. Let’s drink to that!

Australian-made gutter guards

Our gutter guards are designed with all Australian materials to ensure high performance and strength. Installed by licensed tradespeople, we’ll work with you to assess your needs, based on your location. Your new Aquaguard comes with a long-term warranty and guarantee, so there’s no risk.

Aquaguard installed in thousands of homes

You can find our Aquaguard in thousands of homes over South Australia. Homeowners love our solution for these reasons: 

  • Fire protection qualities
  • It keeps captured rainwater clean
  • Increased water flow in your gutters – no build-up and no rust
  • No overflow into your ceilings or eves, avoiding the risk of water and electrical damage
  • No more blocked downpipes
  • It maintains or adds value to your home
  • Protects against birds and pests entering roofs
  • Ideal for newly built homes
  • Our optional maintenance program.

Are you currently cleaning your gutters yourself? It takes hours and can be a safety risk, if not performed correctly. Prepare your house for fire and storm season. Hire our team of gutter experts, instead. Keep your investment safe and performing well.

Got questions? Let’s chat about them today. For gutter solutions in Willunga SA 5172, call 1300 997 619.


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