Stress Relief and Health Benefits of Painting

Stress Relief and Health Benefits of Painting

Painting is not just for trained artists or for kids at school. It can be a wonderful healthy outlet for relieving stress for anyone.

Even if you think you have no creative abilities at all, painting can still benefit your overall health. 

The act of painting does many beneficial things.

It relieves stress because it helps the painter refocus their attention on something other than the problems that are stressing them.

It also helps people learn to be more expressive and even increase their memory recall.

Health Benefits of Painting

Stress relief – This is something everyone feels at times. When stress causes severe anxiety, it can lead to serious depression or other mental health concerns. Painting allows a person to release the feelings that are contributing to anxiety and stress.

When a person focuses on painting they cannot ruminate about their problems. Letting go of stress allows the body to relax, and that is good for heart health.

Painting an abstract work which reflects how the stress is making you feel is also beneficial.

You can paint the things that are causing you stress, or you can make brushstrokes that are as dark and angry as you feel.

Whatever you feel or whatever causes you stress or fear can be abstractly represented while working on an artistic piece.

This also reduces stress because it forces you to let these feelings out.

Painters can look at the work that they do and reflect on the emotions that went into the work. This can be cathartic and emotionally healing.

Even if you paint casually and get your mind off one stressful day at work, it can benefit you by relieving the stress of that day.

You may come away from the project with new ideas as to how to approach your stressful problems.

Improve memory recollection

The act of painting helps improve memory recollection. It sharpens the mind as you use the paints and brushes to create a physical representation of what you are visualizing. When you work with these elements of thought, you build your brain power.

Be a better thinker

You can do more critical thinking when you are an avid paint fan! In fact, because you have to think your way around creating the items you are putting on your canvas, you exercise the logical part of your thinking.

You also might start out painting an object one way and then decide to paint it differently all the while changing the composition of the work. You must think carefully as you do this and exercise good problem-solving skills.

Develop motor skills

Using the paintbrush makes you work your fingers and hands. This is good for conditioning your muscles. It is also good for developing motor skills.

An incredible way to relieve stress from your life

abstract painting

Take up the hobby of painting. You do not have to take an expensive class in oil painting or creating custom portraits. Simply buy some paints at a craft store along with some canvas or paper and start creating.

Having a hobby like this can be fun. You don’t have to become the next Picasso, just allow yourself to express yourself. This alone is a great remedy for stress.

As you can see from the above, painting can do many things to benefit your physical and emotional health.

Try painting with acrylics, watercolors or oils. It is fun to try all the different paint mediums. You can create many works that you can be truly proud of.

Your works may make great gifts. You might even feel happy to see someone receive a painting you did yourself and compliment you highly on the great job you did.