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Home Extensions in Stirling

  • Are you after a new renovation for your home or business?
  • Is your residential home starting to feel a little small?
  • Are you looking for a bit more room to stretch out?
  • Mayfield Construction provides home extensions and renovations.
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Our Services

When it comes to the liveability of your personal home, you want to make sure that you have enough room to move comfortably, and ensure that you have enough space. Most people in this situation will just buy a new home, but there is a far cheaper and faster alternative, a home extension. This is our speciality and we have provided hundreds of quality home extensions to customers in Stirling. We have over 50 years of experience in this field and can provide a new room extension for anything from a new bedroom, cinema room or even a hot tub room if that is what you want. There is nothing that we can’t build and will assure you that it will be done to the highest quality and precision.

Call us today and we will be able to provide you with a free quote for your home extension or any other service that you require from us.

Building Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

New Building

Building Renovations

If you own a residential home or commercial building, and would like to give it a new facelift, then Mayfield Construction can provide you with a service that can’t be matched by anyone else. We have renovated thousands of homes, business and apartments and have built up a reputation as one of the best renovation teams to do so. Whatever you are looking for, whether that be anew kitchen fit out, new bathroom design, or even a renovated laundry, we can handle any job that is thrown our way. We will talk with you about the specific style and aesthetic build that you would like of any of your rooms and will use the highest quality materials and finishes of your choice to make sure that it shines like new.

New Home Builds

After a new home but concerned about the rising prices of buying one that is already built? Then why not have one built by us. Building a new home from scratch can save you an enormous amount of money, while also providing you with a home that is made, designed and constructed to your exact specifications, so you know you will be getting exactly what you want. We have a dedicated and talented team of builder and trades people that can custom design, construct and build any style of home that you desire, whether that be a more modern approach, a vintage style, or even a style that is unique to you, we can make it happen. We only use the highest quality materials in all of our builds that are 100% Australian made and can withstand the test of time. With Mayfield Construction, you’re not only just getting a new home, you’re getting a new lifestyle.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

The last thing that you want in your personal home is a bathroom or kitchen that looks like it is from the 1950s. Older style bathrooms and kitchens can start to have structural problems with their basing, tiles and cupboards that start to break and even go mouldy over time. With can provide a solution to this by giving your bathroom or kitchen the renovation dream that it deserves. Our team can design and build any steel of bathroom or kitchen that you want, with any amount of materials no matter how easy or hard they are to find. We want to provide you with a kitchen or bathroom renovation that will not only stand the test of time, but will also continue to look good and serve the best functional purpose for decades to come.

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