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Are you in need of a conveyancer in Seaton? Metro Conveyancing has more than 20 years’ experience helping South Australians complete their property transactions. They provide a professional and personalised service to ensure that your purchase or sale of property goes through without a hitch. Josie Lazzaro and her team at Metro Conveyancing scrutinise every aspect of these large financial and legally demanding transactions. They comprehensively check your contract of sale, prepare the Form 1, and do all necessary searches on the property. A trained eye knows what to look for when dealing with this documentation. Josie’s motto is, “it’s more than just paperwork.” It is your protection and you want the best conveyancing team on your side when it really matters. Located, conveniently, at 183 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End, Metro Conveyancing are ready to help you with any queries you may have about your property settlement. Call 08 8227 2100 for an appointment, or please fill out the Direct Contact Form here.

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Property Settlements

Metro Conveyancing ensure that there is always someone to take care of every query that you may have. This is why they have a team of professionals on hand to look after their clients. Josie Lazzaro works closely with real estate agents and the client’s financial institution to make sure that every property sale and purchase goes smoothly. They have their client’s interests in their sights at all times. Metro Conveyancing is a forward-thinking firm, utilising electronic settlements through the PEXA platform, which deliver quicker and more efficient results for their clients.

Conveyancing Services

Matrimonial Transfers: If your relationship status changes through divorce, new relationship, or a simple change of mode of holding land, you may need a property settlement. Metro Conveyancing can liaise with all relevant parties and look after all the documentation required.

Subdivisions: A land division can maximise your profit on an existing land investment in Seaton. This property development requires extensive documentation. Metro Conveyancing has the expertise and experience to streamline the whole process and ensure that your subdivision is successful.

Buying Property: Your conveyancer will organise a comprehensive title search, to ensure correct knowledge of property ownership and the existence of any caveats, liens or covenants on the property. Further statutory searches can reveal council records, main roads and registered plans, and land tax status. Metro Conveyancing will ensure that you are fully conversant with the actual status of the property you wish to purchase.

Selling Property: To ensure compliance with all South Australian statutory regulations, Metro Conveyancing will order all legally required statutory searches. They will prepare your contract of sale and Form 1.

Metro Conveyancing

There has been increasing changes to the industry by Government bodies, such as VOI. This makes it important to engage a conveyancer who is knowledgeable and up to speed. Metro Conveyancing will ensure that your documents are fully protected.