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Our Services

Sometimes you just need an angel. One who can come and clean your home when you are busy, tired, or just not in the mood. Here at Your Domestic Angels, we do just that. Whether you live in a house, unit, townhouse or share house in Seacombe Gardens, we of a range of services from house cleaning to pet sitting and handyman services. Our services are reliable, affordable, flexible, friendly and efficient.

Our regular cleaning service (weekly or fortnightly) ensures you get the same high-quality service from the same angel every time. This encourages good communication, builds a trusting relationship, and ensures excellent service. Our quality control inspections and communication book add that extra personal touch. With your products and our tools, your domestic angel will make sure your house is cleaned to your standards.


100% Reliable


Friendly & Efficient

Maid service

Need an extra hand or a more than just cleaning. With our maid service, you can expect laundry hanging and folding, dishwashing, making beds and general tidying. Our special Mommy Maid Service and ideal baby shower gift ensure new or overwhelmed mothers have that extra helping hand and one less thing to stress about. Just what a mother needs.

End of lease cleaning

Cleaning out an old house when you want to focus on making your new house a home, can be a tedious and unnecessary pain. Our domestic angels know just how to take care of that. From window washing and carpet cleaning to preparing the house for landlord inspection, is all in a day’s work for us.

Other domestic services

Hate ironing? No worries. We collect your clean laundry, iron it and hand it back for collection in a smooth and sharp state. An hourly rate ensures your whole basket gets done in minimum time.

Need someone to take care of your pets and houseplants while you are away. We have and angel for that. We feed, play, walk and clean up after your furry friend while you are travelling, providing that extra peace of mind to enjoy your trip.

We even have a range of angels to help you outside your house. Our garden service ensures your outdoor space are there for your enjoyment at any time. Our handyman service provides that extra set of muscles to do the hard work of fixing, repairing, or any other small job you need to be done.

To meet your guardian domestic angel and to find out how we can make your life easier, give us a call today.

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