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Your local crash repair experts, Glynde Crash Repairs are just a bunny hop, a gear skip and a jump start from Rostrevor. Ideally located at 49 Glynburn Road, Glynde, we can also help organise a tow if you are in need, Glynde Crash Repairs incorporating the Glynde Garage can fix up any crash repair needs along with all manner of mechanical repairs. Just like our business is constantly improving and evolving, your vehicle won’t leave our Glynde service centre until it has been through an evolutionary process and vastly improved. Whether it has come to us out of an unfortunate accident, for some mechanical investigation or so we can put in some elbow grease and help you finish your project car, we will apply the same professional care and attention as if it were our own pride and joy.


Accidents Happens

Mechanical work


Unfortunate Life Events

Often you work to buy a car to get to work. And you don’t want that car to be off road and not getting you to work if you can help it. That is where Glynde Crash Repairs steps in and will get your car safely back to you in quick turnaround time so you can get back to work. Specialists in all manner of automotive needs, Glynde Crash Repairs working alongside of the Glynde Garage cater to any vehicular damage whether that be handled through an insurance claim or privately, panel beating, spray painting, interior fitouts, mechanical breakdowns, logbook servicing, wheel alignments and tyres to name a few.

Unquestionable Quality

Glynde Crash Repairs are proud to have the most passionate team when it comes to their enthusiasm for vehicular improvements and service to their customers. Our numerous testimonials are testament to the fine work we have turned out for our clients. Proud to be members of an elite group of RAA Approved Repairers as well as holding membership under the watchful eye of the Motor Trade Association, we are self-policing and maintain our own set of standards to comply with. We offer a lifetime warranty on our panel beating work as well as our spray painting.

Custom Vehicle Specialists

If you have a vehicle that is your pride and joy, Glynde Crash Repairs understands the emotions that pour into such an investment. Glynde Crash Repairs also understand the finances that can be consumed by this type of vehicle project if you don’t have the right people on the job and we want you to know this won’t be the case if we are on the job. Let your project car become our project car and together we can bring about your dream machine.

 Glynde Crash Panache

Eager to have you back behind the wheel, Glynde Crash Repairs will have your vehicle in top shape condition, inside and out as well as under the bonnet. Our experienced staff are on hand to be able to best advise on repairs and improvements that won’t over capitalise your investment in your vehicle yet will have you driving safely and looking smooth. From your base in Rostrevor, we urge you to remember and call upon the one stop shop that is Glynde Crash Repairs when you need a local and well reputed crash repairer and mechanic.

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