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Mobile Auto Electricians Paralowie

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Our Services

Has your car or vehicle encountered an electrical problem that is causing you strife?  Then the team here at PK will be able to offer you a valuable service that will leave you smiling.  We have been in operation for 4 years and have over 30 years experience repairing electrical problems, installing alarms, finding car faults, reversing cameras and so on. No issue is too complicated for us to solve and we can even come to your home at anytime to help you get your vehicle back on track again.

We are only a short distance from Paralowie (5108) and will be happy to help you diagnose any issues you may be having and have them fixed on the same day. Call us today and we can offer you a FREE quote before you get started.

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Car and vehicle security installations

Hows the security on your vehicle? Is it outdated on not really practical? If so, then you may ant to have a new security installation on your car or vehicle. This will not only ensure that your vehicle stays safe, but can also make sure that anyone around it will also remain safe. We have a large range of features that can be added to any family car, work car, 4WD and so on including reversing cameras and sensors, which will enable you to see if there is anybody or any other cars behind you when reversing so you dont cause damage to them, rear-view mirror cameras, and immobilisers and alarms, to ensure that if any thieves try to break into your vehicle, they won’t be able to start the vehicle and the alarm will notify anybody you of any sudden break in and a host of other features. These types of products will easily save you huge $$$ in the long run as you wont have to fork out and repair things that are broken or stolen.

Auto electrical repairs and maintenance

If you have run into a problem with your electronics of internal motor operations, we can help you diagnose them and have them repaired to the highest standard possible. Sometimes these types of issues can spell disaster to the quality of your vehicle and cost you a fortune. We want to assure you that with us, you will not be spending big on any repairs and we will make sure that any problem that is fixed stays fixed for years to come. We fix, repair and even install everything including trailer break lights and car break lights, installing extra batteries for 4WD’s, air conditioning, LED lighting, car alarms, fault finding and fuel injector fault diagnosis and even starter motor and alternator repairs. Our team is on call 24/7 and can come to your home or business to have them resolved and have you vehicle on the road again in no time.

Other services

We offer our customers the best electrical serving, repairing and installation service in the industry, but we also have a selection of other services that we can offer you. We can install DVD players and screens, CD players and speakers, two way radios, radio antennas and mobile phone set ups and even flood lighting for your 4WD. Any other accessions you might want installed can be put in by us as well. Do you own a caravan? Then why not have it prepped by us for your next journey. If the tail and break lights need repairing or replacing, we can do it. We can also install internal lighting, radios and even heating to make sure that your journey is a comfortable one. We can also offer a fault finding service which we will be able to find, diagnose and repair any faults you may have with your vehicle, trailer or caravan. We thoroughly check everything and will even check the engine for any faults with your fuel injectors, starter motors and anything else you may be having issues with.

How much will an auto electrician cost?

While we would like to provide a one price fits all scenarios, the overall price for work done will come down to the amount of work, and the type of work undertaken. If you want an exact amount, you should call our friendly team today and they can provide you with a free quote. What we can guarantee is that we will offer you the most competitive price while also giving you the highest quality work with the friendliest customer service.