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Do you require a replacement window or glass repairs for your Parafield Gardens, SA, 5107 home or business? For cutting edge glazing and emergency glass repairs contact Salisbury Glass & Glazing for a quote now. We have been assisting South Australians with their windows and sliding doors for more than 6 years. He provides a top quality glazing service throughout Adelaide. If you want reliable and impeccable workmanship to ensure that your windows and doors are returned to as new standard, then, our team have you covered. Salisbury Glass & Glazing provide a 24 hour emergency glass repair and replacement service in your area. Call now to have your windows and glass fixed fast.

Glass Replacement

Broken Window Replacements

Fresh New Styles Window

Residential Door

Commercial Glaziers

The term ‘glazier’ dates back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain, derived from the Old English word ‘glaes’. We all know that glass is pretty special and that our homes and businesses would not be the same without sheets of the stuff. Windows let the light in and let us look out upon our realms. When windows and glass get broken, our perfect worlds are undone. It shatters the illusion of perfection at home and in business. Our commercial concerns are compromised in terms of security and safety. Salisbury Glass & Glazing provide fast solutions for glass replacement and emergency repairs. Call now to secure your premises and regain your peace of mind in Parafield Gardens and surrounding suburbs.

Emergency Broken Window Repair

Salisbury Glass & Glazers offer 24 hour emergency glass repair and replacement. They understand the importance of fixing your windows and sliding glass doors, to return your home to its unviolated happy state. Broken glass shatters the equilibrium of our lives. It can turn our worlds temporarily upside down and we want our panes of glass to be made perfectly new again. What is a home without working windows? Unsafe, insecure and blinded in some strange way. Call us for top quality emergency broken window repairs and replacements.

Glass Replacement

Salisbury Glass & Glazers can, even, fix your pet door, with glazing especially for your moggy or doggy. We all want to let the light in without letting unwanted strangers in. Get speedy glass replacement and repairs in Parafield Gardens from a top quality glazier at competitive prices. Why pay more, when you can get the best for less. Contact us and get a quote on your glazing requirements in Adelaide.

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  • Had a doggy door install at home very happy with the workmanship & price . It works a treat Joan 11/01/2017