Pest Control in Para Hills


Pest Control Para Hills

Got pests? Call Ozpest. Book online and get $20 off. Pests are a common thing in homes and some are more serious than others. There’s a big difference between annoying ants and damaging termites. Pests are seasonal, too, so it’s good to know what to look out for. In summer, spiders and bugs will be more noticeable. You’ll see more flies in your home and bugs crawling around on the ground. We’re committed to creating a safe, pest-free environment for your family. Whether you’ve got a problem now or are simply looking for a team to come in and regularly inspect your house, we can help. Our pest technicians are close to you in Para Hills.

Safe pest termination methods

We safely treat all household and commercial pests using effective strategies. Avoid spraying nasty chemicals around your home. While it’s tempting because it seems like the quick fix, it’s not going to get to the root of the cause, neither is it safe for your family and pets. Our products are environmentally friendly and will rid your property of pests, in a conscious way.

Our Services

  • Many years of experience
  • The fastest, most efficient service 
  • Highest standard of quality & service
  • The friendliest team you will meet
  • Prices that can’t be beaten 
  • Monday to Sunday : 8am – 6pm
The pests we get rid of

Some of the pests we remove are termites, flies, bees, wasps, bed bugs, ants, spiders, rats, and mice. Termites, for example, are one of the most severe pests. If the infestation is left untreated, they can cause serious structural damage to your home. We use physical and chemical barriers to deter the pests. If it’s a physical solution, we’ll use metal or crushed rock that termites can’t chew through. Pesticides, on the other hand, are either in soil or plastic, containing a solution formulated for termites. We recommend yearly termite inspections (in line with the Australian Standard AS3660).

Our equipment: How we remove pests

We use modern pest control equipment, including:

  • Sounding – a specialist technique to test the integrity of wood
  • Listening equipment – detects termite movement
  • Moisture meters – detects elevated moisture in wood which may indicate the presence of termites
  • Borescope – an invasive technique that can take pictures of active termites in timber
  • Termatrac T3i – detects moisture, thermal variations and movement
  • Thermal imaging – detects thermal variations, and available in some areas.

If you live in Para Hills (SA, 5096), Ozpest is your local pest control provider. We’re family owned, so we understand how important it is to keep your loved ones safe. Expect an efficient, friendly, and affordable service to control common household pests.

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