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Living in Oaklands Park, SA, 5046 and interested in Australian visa applications? Tentmakers Migration Assistance is an experienced and successful migration agency (MARN1385457). Ariene Marinas, the Principal, has been providing visa application and Australian Citizenship solutions for her clients. She and her own family migrated to Australia in 2005, which means, that Ariene knows what it takes to achieve the right outcome. The immigration journey is not always an easy one, but can be very worthwhile, providing opportunities for generations to come. Tentmakers Migration Assistance can also contribute with settlement services in Adelaide. Conveniently located on Level 30, at 91 King William St, Adelaide. For more information call 08 8280 3370, or you can complete the Direct Contact Form provided.

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What Type of Australian Visa is Right for Me?

A successful visa application in South Australia, begins with knowing which is the most suitable type of visa for your situation. Tentmakers Migration Assistance has the expertise to direct you toward the correct visa application. They offer a Free Assessment to ensure that you are eligible to apply for that Australian visa. If you are not, they can advise, you free of charge, on how to remedy that. Whether you are applying for a Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Skilled Visa, Investor Visa, Employer-Sponsored Visa, Family Visa or Partner Visa, they can assist.

Overseas Born Australians at Century Peak

Did you know that the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently declared that overseas Aussies have topped a 120 year high? That the number of Australian residents from India has tripled in the last 10 years and Chinese born doubled in the same period? Which mean that it is a good time to consider migrating to Australia. This Great Southern Land is a land of opportunity.

Visa Applications

Tentmakers Migration Assistance will oversee your visa application in Oaklands Park, ensuring that you have all the necessary documentation and that everything is lodged on time. At your appointment, or via your consultation, all requirements will be explained to you and the costs. Flexible payment plans are available. Tentmakers Migration Assistance fees are affordable and financial solution packages are available. They offer help with visa refusals and cancellations.

Australian Citizenship in Adelaide

Australian Citizenship by Conferral is available for those with permanent residency status. A Citizenship Test must be passed. Tentmakers Migration Assistance will provide materials for review and help with exam practice to ensure your success. Citizenship is a day of wide smiles and celebrations for a great future in South Australia.

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