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Passionate, experienced and creative, we’re your local team of kitchen benchtop experts. There’s one material that stands out for its flexibility, cleanliness and aesthetics – solid acrylic. At Solid Surface of Distinction, we only work with solid acrylic. In our 20 years of experience, we’ve found solid acrylic ticks all the boxes. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners and businesses to install premium solid surfaces. The premium brands we use include Staron, Freestyle, Corian, and Hi-Macs. If you live in Norwood and you’re renovating the kitchen, contact us on 0433 088 222.


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Different edge profiles

With solid acrylic, you have a lot of options, including the colour and design. The edge profiles, for example, include arissed, double pencil, large double bevel, double bullnose, full round, and small double bevel. But with choice often comes confusion, which is where we come in. Our team will assist you to achieve the perfect solid surface solution for your needs. Hi-Mac, one of our leading brands, enhances your living environment in more ways than one. Assessed by Ecospecifier and listed on the ‘preferred environmental materials and products’ list, Hi-Mac is a great brand choice. Here are some of the reasons why we use Hi-Mac for kitchen benchtop renovations and installations:  

  • Easy to clean
  • Seamless joins
  • Thermoforming capabilities
  • Design flexibility
  • Repairable if scratched or chipped
  • Extensive edge treatment options
  • Acrylic resins add extra strength
  • Acrylic Benchtops Norwood
  • Non-porous – maintaining a long-life hygienic surface
  • 10-year limited warranty.

There are lots you can do with a Hi-Mac acrylic solid surface. Let’s talk about the features of our other brands, so we can compare all of your options.

Soft, seamless solid kitchen surfaces

With solid acrylic surfaces, you can achieve a softer, warmer feeling when compared to stone. What better way to top of a surface? The non-porous feature makes acrylic excellent for preparing food. They’re difficult to stain or scratch. No matter what size or style your kitchen is, solid surfaces can be formed to suit. This includes undermounting sinks and joining sections. Durable, smooth and seamless, solid acrylic will last a lifetime. Simply have us sand or buff the surfaces in the future. It will be as good as new.

Browse our photo gallery to see how a beautiful benchtop can transform the look of a kitchen. Book in a free onsite consultation at your Norwood SA 5067 home. Call us on 0433 088 222.