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Turn back the clock with botox. If you’ve ever thought about anti-ageing treatments, come and see us. At the Doll House, we have various treatments available to bring back that youthful look. You know that feeling you get when you look at old photos? ‘Oh, I look so young’, you think to yourself. Make that feeling a reality with injectables, dermal fillers, peels, and lifts. You don’t need to worry about not looking like yourself, either. Our medical team has over 20 years’ experience working with women to reduce the signs of ageing. Don’t think of it as a big, extravagant change. Our treatments simply target in on those fine lines and wrinkles to smoothen and plump your skin. Our botox clinic isn’t far from Norwood, so come and see us today. Get in touch with us on 8361 7418.

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Dermal fillers

Get that youthful complexion again by minimising those fine lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers. They work by creating volume in the inner layers of the skin (yep, volume isn’t just for hair). The same goes for cosmetic fillers. Targeting lips, cheeks, nose, chin and jaw, this treatment restores fullness to your face. Have you noticed darkness under your eyes? Dermal wrinkle fillers could help treat this. Our team has experience working with many types of women of all ages. Our focus is bringing your skin back to a healthy, natural, youthful look. Think of these fillers as a nice way to freshen up your skin. You don’t need to be worried about long-term damage or an unnatural look. We’ve helped thousands of women with our cohesive treatment plans. Some of our patients say we’ve wiped up to 25 years off their appearance.

About the Doll House

We believe that ageing is beautiful. It’s a blessing to journey through this life. It’s something which some of us don’t get the chance to enjoy. We’re not about cancelling all of life’s memories, but rather we focus on making our clients’ feel great. Getting older is hard for everyone. Our bodies start to change and we can’t do things like we used to. Our treatments are simply available to help people feel better, even if it’s in reducing the smallest wrinkles and lines. The products we use are from popular brands, including Priori, Decleor, HydroPeptide, HydraFacial, Omnilux, UltraPlus, Bio Sculpture Gel, and OPI.

Our botox clinic is only 10 minutes from Norwood SA 5067. Call us on 8361 7418 to book in a free consult. Our opening hours are 9-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9-8pm Thursday, and 10-3pm Saturday.

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