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Living by the beach (like in Moana) and having carpet isn’t a good mix. Think about all those grains of sand that are hidden in the fabric. But don’t worry – professional cleaning can get rid of it and keep the material in great condition. Call us, Zig Zag. We specialise in all areas of steam and dry cleaning, to bring your floors back to life. Working in both residential and commercial properties, we’ve seen all types of damage. Our cleaners provide a fast, affordable, and friendly service. If you’re hosting friends or family and want us to quickly go over your floors before the event, we can. Ask us about carpet, rug and curtain cleaning, as well as tile pressure cleaning, and flood restoration. Our results speak for themselves. See the photos for examples of past work.

Carpet Cleaning


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Why invest in carpet cleaning?

With carpets being high-traffic areas, they get dirty pretty quick. It’s not always easy to clean with kids and pets running over it all the time. Not only do they look older, but they can also harbour odours and allergens. Humidity and excess heat can cause the material to negatively react with the elements. For a climate like South Australia’s, this is especially true. When mould forms, it can cause skin infection for some individuals. Dust and dirt allow dust mites to call the untreated environment their home. Contaminating allergens like the above may cause asthma and sneezing attacks or other respiratory problems in severe cases. Regular professional cleaning will avoid this – following carpet cleaning procedures that don’t rely on dangerous, hazardous chemicals

Hiring professional floor cleaners

Are your office or shop floors looking lifeless? Bring us in to reawaken the surface. With businesses, first impressions matter. Your customers will notice your floors, so make sure they’re beautiful. If you’re concerned about having our cleaners work around your staff, we can come in after-hours. Just let us know a suitable time and we’ll book it in. With professional cleaning equipment and trained staff, we can complete jobs fast and affordably.

Hard surface specialists

While carpets are our forte, we also work on hard surfaces. Hire a Zig Zag technician to give your hard floors a new lease on life. We have rotary scrubbers, pressure cleaners, polishers and PH neutral chemicals, to work on tiles, decks, concrete, grout, and vinyl. We can also strip and reseal your flooring if needed.

We can travel to you in Moana (SA, 5169). Don’t put up with nasty grime and unloved floors. Put our carpet cleaning team to work.

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