Abbey Plumbing

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Operating with many years of valuable plumbing and gas fitting experience, Our business are available to routinely maintain your plumbing infrastructure, fixtures and fittings as well as your gas supply lines and appliances. We are proud to stand by our team of people and their workmanship and invite first rate feedback about their first rate performance. Challenging jobs are our specialty and we encourage you to contact us so that our know how and handiwork can resolve even the toughest assignments. Tooled up to get you out of hot water or into hot water, whichever the case may be, we will make every effort to surpass your expectations.

What We Offer

Make sure we are on your speed dial for when you need the best in plumbing and gas fitting services. Leaky taps, dripping shower heads, running toilets; these are just a few of the plumbing setbacks you will call on us to attend to. Gas fitting services include gas hot water units, gas heater repairs and installations and gas cooktop appliance repairs and installations. No job too large or small, no matter whether domestic or commercial, old or new, we are the team to service you at Mawson Lakes and surrounding suburbs. Available to attend to any emergency and providing value for money workmanship along with superior customer service, call us and get one of the best and most reliable services in the area.

Our Services

  • Over 29 years of experience 
  • The fastest, most efficient service 
  • Highest standard of quality & service
  • 24 hour emergency service 
  • The friendliest team you will meet
  • Prices that can’t be beaten 
Our Plumbing and Gas Services

We begin with our visit to your residence, business premises, commercial property or building site to troubleshoot and assess your plumbing or gas requirements. Providing information to you, we arrive at a decision to proceed and then professionally and promptly undertake to complete the agreed work through to a successful outcome. Your satisfaction in our delivery of your plumbing and gas work is paramount to our continued success. These works may simply include repairing dripping faucets and leaking toilets or may extend to blocked drains requiring CCTV inspection and clearance using Hydrojet pressure cleaning equipment. We are qualified to repair or replace hot water units and gas heaters. We are licensed to connect and pipe in a new gas supply line to your heating appliances or cooking appliances. Whether above ground or below, we will access the origin of your problem, digging trenches to repair burst pipes, if necessary. We can make safe any leaks from your water or gas supply, thereby achieving savings on your utility accounts. Our passion is plumbing and gas, especially when it comes to renovating your bathroom, laundry and kitchen and we witness your absolute pleasure in utilising your new wet areas and family cooking space. We welcome your enquiries regarding your appliances whether they are powered by solar, gas or electric.

Emergency Call Outs

We will come to you any time of the day or night, 24/7, to attend to any emergency you may have. Our commitment to serving you covers our availability, whether scheduled or spontaneous as well as providing the most affordable and competitive prices for our premium work. We come to you and gladly offer a no obligation free quote covering the scope of the work for you to make a decision from. Our aim in Mawson Lakes and beyond is to provide plumbing and gas fitting solutions that keep you calling us back and advertising our elite services to your friends, family and colleagues.

How much will a plumber cost?

The initial cost of hiring  a plumber will vary from job to job. The bigger and more in depth the job, the more it will cost. We always want to make sure that no matter who you are, you will always be able to afford our services, which is why we go above and beyond with our fair pricing to save you $$$ while getting any emergency repairs or installs completed on the day. We have the best prices, best customer services and highest rating and will ensure that we will handle every job on time, and with a smile on our face.