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We make sure your home and workplace are pest-free. Termites, mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders, birds, pigeons, ants, and insects don’t stand a chance. At Integrated Pest Services, we can do things like bird-proof your roof to deter rodents and possums. This also helps to stop leaves from clogging up and damaging your gutters. Ask us about solar panel cleaning and pre-purchase inspections. We’re licensed, with three years of experience. if you live in Mawson Lakes and you’ve spotted (or sensed) a pest in your house, call us on 0432 877 873.

About Integrated Pest Services

For any pest issue you have, call us. We don’t just control the situation, but solve it, too. Our team achieves this through an integrated approach of both physical and chemical barriers that protect your family and home. We understand that hygiene is a big issue when pests are involved. This is why fast treatment is critical. Our domestic and commercial pest control services include the treatment of all areas. We have experience removing rats, mice, ants, white ants, bees, crickets, bees, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, millipedes, silverfish, and termite. If you spot a pest but you don’t know what it is, contact us immediately.

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Termite treatment

Termites are a serious problem, causing expensive and often unseen damage to your house. If it’s not dealt with quickly, the damage will continue, year after year. Termite damage isn’t something that’s covered under home insurance, which is why termite prevention is extremely important. At Integrated Pest Control Services, we have experience treating and preventing termites in homes and offices. If you suspect termites or you simply want peace of mind, we can help. After an inspection, we’ll advise you on the best method of termite elimination and protection.

Pre-purchase inspection

Moving into a new property? Hire us to inspect it for termite activity. We’ll look for termite damage and decay, wood borers, chemical delignification, and conditions conductive to timber pest attack. We’ll go through environmental factors in and around your area and advise on managing any issues that come up.

For a fast response to your pest problems, rely on our Integrated team. We’ll provide you with a pest management treatment plan, so your house remains pest-free in the long-term. We travel to Mawson Lakes SA 5095. Call us on 0432 877 873 for all of your pest issues.