Bathroom Renovations in Mawson Lakes

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Bathroom Renovations Mawson Lakes

We love renovating as much as you’ll love the final results. The look on your face when we’re done with your bathroom is what makes this business all worthwhile. Our years of experience, penchant for learning new ideas, offering quality services at great prices and a love for designing all comes together to offer you the best bathroom makeover.

Full Bathroom Remodelling

Tired of stepping into that dreary old bathroom? Has it totally lost its lustre and former glory? Does it look like a room from a bygone era?

It’s time to update, upgrade and renovate. Get together with us to discuss your ideas and vision for your brand new bathroom and we’ll put a plan in place to bring it about in quick time. Say goodbye to grimy tiles, dull looking shower glass and a stained bath tub and toilet. And those brand new taps and fittings will gleam like precious metal.

Complete makeovers are our specialty, so get in touch to discuss your project.

Our Services

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Replace That Old Toilet

Toilets are not something we generally get excited about, but having to endure one that never looks clean is downright depressing. Replacing that old toilet with one that’s sparkling and modern is a cinch for our team of experts, so don’t put up with that old water closet a day longer.

Change Out the Taps and Fittings

Sometimes the rest of the bathroom can look very presentable, but perhaps the taps and fittings are looking a bit lacklustre or old-fashioned. Even something as simple as changing out those taps, fittings, soap dish and shower crown and hose can make all the difference. Get in touch and we’ll show you some modern ideas that’ll blow your mind.