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We all know from time to time a tennis court can become a hard surface to play on. Years of neglect and not having it properly cleaned can lead to a build up of grime and dirt that can make the surface incredibly slippery and extremely unsafe and unsightly to play on. One of the quickest and cheapest ways to have this problem solved is to hire a pressure cleaning business that can have them not only looking like new again, but keep them that way for years to come. We at Superior are the go to company for many residential and council owned tennis court cleaning services and have provided hundreds of courts with the high quality cleaning and maintenance that they deserve.

We are always on the road and constantly working in and around Magill (5072), so why not give us a call today and have your grimy and unsightly surfaces looking like a diamond.

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Commercial and Council Services

I’m sure you have all come across a part of a business or council area that looks like it has not been cleaned or washed in decades, this is a problem as the longer the dirt and grime is left, the harder it is to clean and restore. We provide a solution to this with our highly advanced and 100% accurate high pressure cleaning services. We can have any surface pressure cleaned and looking like the day it was installed. No matter how dirty and miscoloured it may be, we ensure that we won’t even recognise it by the time we are done. We can do any style of surface from full building wash downs, regardless of the size of the structure, Beer gardens and bar wash downs, restaurant and cafe courtyards, concrete and acrylic tennis courts, shop front cleaning, graffiti removal, footpath, playground and any type of community venue cleaning that may need to be done before a big event.

Residential Pressure Cleaning

We all know how dirty our homes can become over time. Most of the time this can be solved with a bit of chemical cleaning product and good old fashioned elbow grease, but there are some parts of your home that are going to require a different, more powerful solution. The build up of grease, grime and dirt can wreak havoc on your driveway and outdoor pavers, and can even cause unsightly damage to certain parts of your home. When you choose a high pressure cleaning company like us here at Superior, we can have any surface, no matter how damaged or covered it may be, looking like new again. We can tackle everything from the surrounding area of swimming pool, concrete paths and brick paving’s, sand stone pavers, concrete and acrylic tennis courts, court yards, shade sails, driveways, fences and can even clean out the build up of leaves in your gutters.

How Much Will A Pressure Cleaning Service Cost?

If you are interested in any of our amazing services, the overall cost will depend and come down to the amount of work that needs to be done and the size of the surface that needs the cleaning. If you would like to know an exact $$$ amount, call us today and we will be able to provide you with a quote based upon your needs. We can assure you that we will be able to offer the most competitive prices mixed with the highest level of customer service guaranteed.

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