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Imagine something as disastrous as an accident being the foundation of a lifelong connection. That is our aim at Glynde Crash Repairs, as you visit us from Magill, with your vehicle needing our expert care and attention. Whether your needs are panel beating, spray painting, parts replacement, mechanical attention, logbook servicing, wheel alignment, new tyres, cut and polish or one of any other automotive requirements, we are the team to manage every aspect for you. Situated on a main thoroughfare, we are easily accessible at 49 Glynburn Road, Glynde and if applicable, we can set you up in a loan car while we take care of your vehicular needs. Call Glynde Crash Repairs today to discuss your needs and find out how quickly we can have you back in the driver’s seat.


Accidents Happens

Mechanical work


Collision Vision

Taking into account the traumatic experience of having an accident, we intend to lighten your anxiety by getting your car repaired and safely back on the road in as timely turnaround as possible and with as little impact on you and your life. Glynde Crash Repairs are well reputed and highly respected in the automotive industry. We want to create a lifetime relationship with you even though our hope would be that you do not need to revisit our workshop with any future mishaps.

Quality Service and Workmanship

We are extremely confident in our workmanship and guarantee delivery of a supreme job whether that be associated with panel beating and spray painting or whether that be related to mechanical services attended to on your vehicle. We are under no illusions that your measurement of us is in equal parts work output and customer service and we would like you to know we are likewise extremely confident in our team providing the utmost in customer care. Glynde Crash Repairs proudly hold in high esteem their ranking with the exclusive group of RAA Approved Repairers along with their membership with the Motor Trade Association. In addition to complying with the requirements put forward by these two authority bodies, we maintain our own stringent minimum quality requirements and are therefore able to independently offer a lifetime warranty on the panel beating and spray painting components of our business.

Supporting Your Passion

Whether you have a project vehicle that is widely identifiable as a prestige motor car or you hold a lesser known automobile in a special place in your heart, we will be happy to support your undying love and offer our assistance in getting your project car out of the shed and on to the road. From scratch and dent work to replacement interiors through to a ground up restoration, Glynde Crash Repairs have a team of knowledgeable and experienced automotive tradespeople who can say they’ve been there and done that. Throw us your curly ones and we will do what we can to unravel them.

Service and Attention to Detail

Glynde Crash Repairs located within a short distance of Magill are geared up to assist with any automotive treatment you require. Dedicated to providing unquestionable service along with the height of quality workmanship, Glynde Crash Repairs incorporating the Glynde Garage should be forefront of mind when you are looking to call on your trusted local crash repairer and mechanic.

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