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Rubbish removal Kensington 

Rubbish removal in Kensington

  • Looking for a top-quality rubbish removal services?
  • Need a helping hand to remove the garbage before you sell or rent your house?
  • Need to remove all the rubbish that are crowding up your home?
  • Adelaide Rubbish Removal will bring a bin to your residence, fill them up with whatever waste you want gone.
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Our skip bin services

Why should you have to pay for a skip company to come to your home, business or work site and just dump a bin in your driveway and expect you to do everything else? We think this is wrong and provide all of our customers with a much more efficient and easier method. We will come to your premises with our trucks and personally load up any of your unwanted rubbish to be taken away. We have over 13 years experience doing this and have built up such a large base of satisfied customers that constantly refer us their friends and family. We believe that quality should always be put before profit and will make it our goal to make sure that you get the service that you want every time.

If you reside in and around Kensington (5068), call us today and we will be able to offer you a service that can’t be beaten by anyone else.

Green Waste Removal

Residential & Commercial Waste Removal

Recycling the Garbage

Garbage Trucks

Residential & Commercial Waste Removal

Homes and business can become a place that if not looed after, can look more like a scene out of a horror movie rather than a place of leisure and work. Over the years, junk and rubbish can pile up inside and outside the premises, creating an unsightly mess that no one wants to look at; luckily we have a service that can help you. We can come to your premises ad personally load up any amount and type of rubbish that you want taken away and have it recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Some of the types of materials that we take include

Recycling – Paper, glass, aluminium, cardboard, boxes, plastic

Biodegradable – Food scraps and food products that you don’t want

Construction – Rocks, debris, concrete, timber and brick

Assorted – Clothing, shoes, toys, books, fabrics and so on

Hazardous – Paints, paint thinners, Transmission fluid, dangerous chemicals

Real Estate rubbish removal

Do you have a property such as a home, office or building that you want to rent out or sell? Have the previous tenants or owners left a mess in there and a large amount of junk materials that you need gone before potential renters or buyers come through to look at it? Then we can help. We offer a real estate service in which we will come to the property with our trucks and remove an amount and style of rubbish from the premises and have it disposed of or recycled for you. This will ultimately ensure that the property is looking fantastic and will keep anyone who looks trough it happy. This can even increase the sell value if you are planning to put it on the market.

Green waste removal

A lot of people have been through the situation of cleaning up your front or back yard and having nowhere to dispose of all the green waste. With us, we will take all of your grass clipping, leaves, branches, bark and everything else that is rotting away in your yard and have them recycled for further use in landscaping projects. We will personally load up any type of green leftovers and have them taken away so you can have the clean back or front yard that you want. This is the best option as opposed to just leaving it on e ground and having it decompose; leaving a mess that can be even harder to clean.