Carpet Cleaners Ingle Farm

Carpet Cleaners in Ingle Farm

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Our Services

For the best carpet cleaning company serving the Ingle Farm area, call us. At Zig Zag, we transform your old, stained floors. We travel to homes, shops, offices and other commercial areas all over Adelaide. Using advanced cleaning techniques, we’ll bring the surface back to life. If you have allergies, you’ve spilled something and there’s a mark or your floors simply aren’t looking as good as they used to, we can help. Reduce allergens and dust mites in your home at the same time. Book in a time for our team to come out to you. Let’s talk today on 08 6244 5989.

Carpet Cleaning


Best equipment

Upholstery Cleaning

Three-pronged approach to cleaning

Your floors, rugs, curtains, and furniture will look great again after we’ve cleaned it. Our technicians use one of three effective methods – steam, encapsulation or dry cleaning. We recommend having us organise a six-monthly plan for you. This will help you maintain a healthy, clean environment. By investing in this, not only will you reduce the risk of getting sick, but it will increase the lifespan of your expensive furniture.

Tile and grout cleaner

At Zig Zag, we also work on hard floors. Are your bathroom or kitchen tiles spoiled by discolouration? We can inspect it and determine whether it’s a good idea to invest in tile and grout cleaning. A process that involves heat, high pressure and specialised equipment will get your surfaces sparkling again. It’ll improve the cleanliness of your home, extend the life of your flooring, and minimise indoor air issues. Get a quote today to update the look of your tiles.

When to get my carpet professionally cleaned

It’s always a good idea to avoid nasty chemicals. Spend a fraction more and let us take care of your floors. Just think about how much time you spend sprawled out on the floor with your kids or pets. The products you put on it matter.

Here are a few reasons to hire a professional team:

  • Before a real estate inspection
  • To reduce allergens and alleviate symptoms
  • Your pets have damaged the material
  • It looks dirty and unloved
  • Something has been spilled.

Stains don’t stand a chance against us. We’ve worked on dozens of floors all over Adelaide. If you live in Ingle Farm SA 5098, book a time for us to visit you and examine your floors. Contact our cleaners now on 08 6244 5989.

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