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Are you seeking a housing loan in Hallet Cove, SA 5158? Paul Lewis at Lighthouse Financial Services has 28 years’ experience helping people achieve their financial goals. As a fully qualified mortgage broker and a member of the MFAA and FOS; he is a fully mobile operator. More importantly, he is a completely independent mortgage broker, not aligned with any bank or big corporation. Paul says, “We do what’s right for you, not the banks.” Lighthouse Financial Services can advise you on superannuation, property investment, personal insurance and retirement planning. Talk to Paul today and you could be well on your way to a better future.





Why Choose an Independent

The majority of the most visible mortgage broking firms are either franchised by or owned by large corporations or the major banks. Some would say, that this poses a conflict of interest, and they would be right. These brokers receive commissions on volume trade with select lenders. They are bundling your loan up with a bunch of others to deliver business to their economic masters. Lighthouse Financial Services is a fully independent boutique mortgage broking firm; and a client based business. They get the best loan for you as their number one priority.

Financial Advice & Planning

Lighthouse Financial Services offer general financial advice and tailor specific plans to help you achieve more sooner. They also facilitate the securing of your financial present and future with safety net insurance.

Safety Net

Smart people who aim high, also make sure that they have a safety net beneath them. Lighthouse Financial Services can help you organise cover to protect all the things that you value most. Safety net insurance can protect your income, assets and your family from life’s vicissitudes. A big word which means that sometimes bad things can happen to good people. Lighthouse Plan and Protect has your back, so that you can go forward confidently.

Property Investment

Good advice on property investment can save you money. Lighthouse Financial Services have been helping South Australians with support and up to date market information for many years. Whether you are a first-time investor or have an existing portfolio, they have a lot to offer.


Superannuation is a long word and it is getting more complex every year. Governments continually change the tax settings; and it can be hard to keep abreast of these changes. Lighthouse Financial Services have the expertise to make sure that your super is serving you well. Don’t leave it until retirement is almost upon you, plan now to maximise your savings.

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