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Ltd Content Videos is a new concept in content creation aimed at the small business owner and solo entrepreneur. Owner Chris Hall-Travini believes in bringing big budget video production to the people of Glenelg and surrounding coastal area, by offering an annual solution to in-house content creation. Packages include a full filming kit, training, feedback and tips, as well as creation of animation, titles, audio string and backing music while leaving the actual filming up to the client or business owner. By combining your product and creativity with our professional finish and film production we ensure a winning product at an unbeatable price. Whether you want to create a product description, property walk-throughs, education and training, or regular vlog updates, we consistently offer quality work and fast turn-around times to deliver a top class product to you.

It is our mission to allow any company to have access to professional video production

With expert training and simple equipment, you shoot your own raw content

Send the raw footage to us, and within 48 hours we'll send you back your fully edited video

This perfect blend of in-house & outsourced production allows our clients to produce 10x the amount of footage for the same price

Internal Videos

Whether you want to create company training material, inspirational or team building videos or other internal company media, we make it easy for you to create a product that suits your work culture, company background and staff demographic. You have the freedom to create content to suit your style. Ltd Content puts the camera back into your hands.

WHS Videos

Work Health and Safety training material is an essential part of any safe and successful business. By creating your own with Ltd Content, you can adapt the content to suit your business, site, staff and specific safety hazards. Incorporating familiar faces, voices and environments into your training material, you can ensure your staff receives the best training and protection possible.

Product Videos

You know your product and your clients the best. Why trust a big production company to create a marketing video for you if you can do it yourself? With our training and support you can introduce, show and tell, and explain all the features of your product in a clear, easy to understand and affordable way, connecting directly with your potential client in Glenelg. By introducing your client to the face behind the product, you built instant relationships with your potential market in a way that a big budget production company can never do.

How-to Videos

Showing how your product works in a video beats any manual or instruction booklet. You are the expert, that’s why you need to do the talking. With our easy to use filming kit and production services, your instructional videos will do the talking.

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