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  • Looking for intuitive massage and bodywork therapy?
  • Need to heal sports injuries, recurring injuries, chronic pain, neck and shoulder pain, back issues, and joint problems?
  • Alternative therapy, rather, finds the problem and treats it.
  • Unravel focus on relaxing your mind, increasing flexibility, and improving recovering rates.
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  • 60 minute treatment $100
  • 90 minute treatment $150

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Relaxation massages feel good, but they’re not healing. At Unravel, my intuitive, healing massage and bodywork therapy blend the two – relaxation and healing. You’ll come out feeling as good as new. My home-based clinic is comfortable and peaceful. It’s a safe place for you to talk through your pain and concerns. The answer is in your body, not drugs that simply manage the problem. Alternative therapy, rather, finds the problem and treats it. If you’re looking for a natural, effective treatment for body pain, come and see me. Book in an appointment with Tracey on 0422 176 733. You can find me at 5 Buttrose Street Glenelg East SA 5045. I’m open for consults Monday to Friday between 11.00am-9.00pm.

Healing Massage

Emotional balance


Healing Injuries

Neuro Physical Response

Every part of your body is connected. With Neuro Physical Response therapy, I tune into your body and explore any points of pain, short-term and long-term. By channeling it to the core, I open the path for metaphysical release. By unblocking these points, I can bring your body back to harmony. I have worked on treating all types of pain, including sports injuries and recurring problems, chronic pain, neck and shoulder issues, and back and joint worries. This technique has been practiced for over 18 years. I use it because it works.

Emotional balance

Practicing emotional balance involves the mind and body. In doing so, we maintain flexibility in the face of change and adversity. People with emotional intelligence are usually happier and physically healthier. At Unravel, I will help you achieve emotional and mental balance, so you can stay in control of your mind. I start by unlocking negative states, including anger, fear, worry, self-sabotage, and depression. Many of us don’t really need these emotions are within us, because they’re in the level of unconsciousness – yet, still dominate our thinking process. My work teaches your brain how to break free from these involuntary, negative habits.

I’ll unravel your pain and treat it, naturally. Finally, you can find permanent relief from pain. Intuitive massage is a healing tool that balances your mind and body. It’s been scientifically proven to provide psychological and physical benefits, achieving balance and harmony. My treatment is based on your needs, so I take the time to get to know you.

If you’re experiencing any type of pain, come and see me for a healing massage. I am located in Glenelg, just a short 3 minute walk from Glenelg East tram stop. Call Tracey now on 0422 176 733.

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