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Wright Street Mechanical

Car Servicing Frewville

Wright Street Mechanical is located in the heart of Adelaide at 65 Wright Street. If you live in Frewville and work in the city, we are only a short distance away for quality car servicing. Bring your car in before work and we’ll even drop your off at your work place.

We can perform a basic service or give your car the full treatment with major car servicing. All our mechanics have many years of experience with all different makes and models of car, so you can count on us for expert and timely service; whether you own a 4 wheel drive, European model car, diesel powered or petrol engine.

Clutch Repairs

You car’s clutch suffers wear and tear just like any other part of the vehicle, so it requires maintenance and repair. Don’t put up with difficult gear changes or a car that wants to jump back a gear every time you accelerate. Bring your car to us for expert clutch repairs.

Our Services

  • Over 20 years of experience 
  • The fastest, most efficient service 
  • Highest standard of quality & service
  • The friendliest team you will meet
  • Prices that can’t be beaten 
  • Monday to Friday 8:00am-5:30pm
Brake Repairs

For obvious reasons brakes are extremely important. Your safety and the safety of those around you depends on the quality of your vehicle’s braking system. So don’t take chances if your brakes are not up to par. Bring your car in right away and we’ll assess the situation and implement the necessary solution. Your car may just need new brake pads, discs machined or callipers adjusted.

Even if you don’t need brake repairs, if you book your car in for a major service, we can take a good look at your brakes at the same time, for your complete peace of mind.

Expert European Vehicle Servicing

Many motor mechanics shy away from European vehicles because they’re not experienced dealing with the differences to other makes and models. However, at Wright Street Mechanical we love working on European models. It’s one of our specialty services. So if your car is European, you know just where to take it for quality servicing and repairs.

About Wright Street Mechanical

For quality car servicing near the postcode zone of 5063, Frewville, SA, Wright Street Mechanical is located just a short drive away in the city centre of Adelaide. We are a family owned and operated business with a small staff of 4 hand-picked mechanics who really know their stuff.

You can count on us for:

  • Auto electrical repairs and fitment
  • Wheel alignment/wheel balance
  • Superior car servicing – basic and major services
  • Brake repairs, brake pad replacement
  • Clutch servicing and repairs
  • Cooling system repair/flushing
  • Suspension repairs/replacement
  • Scan tool diagnosis
  • Tyre sales and repair
  • European vehicle servicing
  • 45 point safety check
  • Oil and filter change
  • And much more…
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