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Looking for a conveyancer in Flinders Park, SA, 5025? There is one name that you can trust when it comes to facilitating property settlements, Metro Conveyancing. With over twenty years’ experience helping South Australians buy and sell their homes, they ensure that you are protected every step of the way. As a forward-thinking organisation, Metro Conveyancing employ electronic settlements through the PEXA platform to obtain faster outcomes for clients. Josie Lazzaro, and her team of highly trained professionals, make sure that your every query is answered in a timely fashion. Josie’s motto is, “it’s more than just paperwork.” She says, “considering it is the biggest single transaction of most people’s lives, having a professional stringently check every document makes sense.” Metro Conveyancing offer a confidential and personalised service. They are located at 183 Henley Beach Road, Mile End. Call for an appointment on 08 8227 2100, or simply complete the Direct Contact Form.

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Metro Conveyancing

With experience comes insight and when that is combined with up to the minute training, industry best conveyancing is the result. Metro Conveyancing is up to speed with VOI changes and offer their clients the peace of mind of fully protected documents.

Conveyancing Services

Buying Property: If you are looking to buy property in Flinders Park, or in surrounding suburbs, Metro Conveyancing will make sure that you are properly protected through every stage of the process. Your conveyancer will check the title search to ensure that you know who owns the property in law, and, also, whether there exist any caveats or liens upon the property. Plus, examine council records, land tax, and main roads’ plans that may affect the property. Metro Conveyancing will carefully check the vendor’s contract of sale and related documents on your behalf.

Selling Property: Your conveyancer can prepare your Form 1, contract of sale, and order all statutory searches required by law.

Subdivisions: Land divisions are property developments, which require extensive supporting documentation. Josie Lazzaro, and her team, at Metro Conveyancing, can guide you through this complex process toward a successful outcome.

Matrimonial Transfers: Divorce and new relationships can mean a property settlement is required, or a simple change of mode of holding of land. Metro Conveyancing will liaise with all the necessary parties to complete this regulatory process.

Property Settlements

Josie Lazzaro, and her team, work closely with real estate agents and client financial institutions to ensure smooth and successful outcomes for their clients. Metro Conveyancing look after your interests every step of the way.