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Our Services

Whether you live in a house, unit, townhouse or share house in Flagstaff Hill, you probably wished at some time that you had a domestic angel to clean your house. Guess what? We have a domestic angel just for you! Our angels are reliable, affordable, flexible, friendly and efficient. They do regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning or one-off – just as it suits you. And because you pay them by the hour, you can set the workload as it suits you on the day.

Because you get the same angel every time, it is easy to build a trusting relationship, communicate clearly and get the best results in the shortest time. Our quality control inspections and communications book ensure that problems are avoided or cleared up as soon as possible. Angels who are booked for regular cleaning work with your products and our tools. For once-off cleaning we provide everything.


100% Reliable


Friendly & Efficient

Maid service

Life gets busy and sometimes you just need someone who can do more than cleaning. That’s why we offer other housekeeping services as well. Laundry hanging and folding, dishes, making beds, and general tidying up can all be done by a domestic angel. This is ideal for times when you are expecting guests, are working long hours, or are sick and indisposed. We also offer a special mummy maid service for women who has just given birth or have their hands full with babies and toddlers. It makes an ideal baby shower gift.

End of lease cleaning

Nobody has time for cleaning an old house when you have a new house to unpack and organise. Your domestic angels can do all of that, including windows, carpets, stoves and ovens. We make sure that you and your landlord are happy and satisfied with a clean house.

Other domestic services

Hate ironing? Don’t worry – we can do that for you. We can even collect your laundry from your home to be ironed, where you can pick it up again – clean, fresh and sharp. Paying by the hour means you can get a whole basket of ironing done in a jiffy.

Looking for someone to take care of you pets when you are away. We have an angel for that. Our pet angels can feed, walk, play and cuddle your furry friend and look after your house plants while you are away. Perfect peace of mind.

Need a hand around the house or garden? With our garden and handyman service, you don’t have to worry anymore. We mow lawns, trim hedges and edges, take care of weeds as well as prune and deadhead your plants.

For fixing, repairing and general maintenance we have angels with muscles who can take care of your property.

To meet your guardian domestic angel, give us a call today.

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