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If you require the services of a top-quality lawyer in Dulwich, SA, 5065 remember the name Bambrick Legal. This firm of Adelaide solicitors has been successfully helping South Australians with their commercial law requirements. Adrian Bambrick, and his team of highly qualified lawyers, promise a new approach to client lawyer relations. No more incomprehensible legal jargon. No more patronising advice from on high. Rather, they deliver a results driven, responsive and down to earth legal practice. Bambrick Legal actually listen and collaborate, to tailor a strategy based on your particular requirements. Offering advice and representation in business and commercial law, family law, litigation, migration and citizenship law, conveyancing, taxation, insolvency, superannuation claims, and employment law. They are located at Suite 12, 15 Fullarton Rd, Kent Town. To make an appointment please call (08) 8362 5269, or complete the Direct Contact Form.

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For clear and uncomplicated legal advice and representation in Dulwich, Bambrick Legal has a track record of success. They have put away the musty and ancient and replaced it with a fresh face, which reflects 21st-century Australia. Their multicultural team of solicitors can speak Arabic, Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese. Bambrick Legal respect diversity in all its guises; and is committed to an ethos of high professional and ethical standards.

Business and Commercial Law

An experienced solicitor in both federal and state jurisdictions can be an invaluable guide when considering issues affecting your business. Bambrick Legal provide expertise in contractual and commercial agreements, business start-ups, partnerships, consumer matters, structuring advice, business succession, commercial disputes and transactions. Get the right advice when it really matters.

Family Law

Bambrick Legal solicitors can assist with separation, divorce proceedings, property settlements, domestic partner issues, child support, consent orders, spousal maintenance, and cohabitation agreements. Sensitive and expert advice and guidance.

Property Law & Conveyancing

Buying or selling property in Dulwich, or elsewhere in Adelaide, Bambrick Legal can help prepare contracts of sale, Form 1s, order statutory searches, instigate caveats and liens, commercial leasing and mortgages.

Migration Law

Bambrick Legal are registered migration agents. They can assist with immigration advice for applicants and sponsors, significant investors, employer sponsored visas, partner visas, skilled worker visas, temporary and permanent residencies, and migration disputes and appeals.

Employment Law

Your solicitor can advise and prepare employment contracts, agreements, terminations, enterprise bargaining, Small Business and the Fair Work Act mattersLawy, adverse action claims, and unfair dismissal claims.

Bambrick Legal measure their success by your experience. Talk to them today about your legal requirements.

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