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Performance and presentation is what you want out of your vehicle. That is also what you should want out of your local body shop and mechanic as well. Local to valued clientele in Dernancourt, Glynde Crash Repairs are committed to delivering the best in customer service alongside unbeatable workmanship backed by lifetime warranty cover on our panel beating and spray painting. Glynde Crash Repairs are an established business equipped with experienced and expert tradespeople and support staff. Conveniently located at 49 Glynburn Road, Glynde, we will guide you through the processes of attending to your vehicle whether you are processing an accident through an insurance firm or getting some regular maintenance done on your running gear.


Accidents Happens

Mechanical work


Through No Fault of Your Own

Unfortunately, you may have been rear-ended or suffered hail damage, had someone open their door into your car at the supermarket, been a victim of malicious vandalism or something similar. There are many situations where you can find yourself the recipient of some vehicle damage and you may have had very little control over it happening. Sometimes it is just plain and simple bad luck. Some will have insurance to claim through and our friendly staff can help guide you through the insurance steps. Some won’t have insurance and we can assist you with the private repair process, also. Even in circumstances where the damage caused to your car and possibly to another’s stems from your doing, you still need to make good the damages. Glynde Crash Repairs can get the affected vehicles back into their pre-incident condition.

Trusted Tradespeople

Can you imagine not having to shop around for a separate body shop and a separate mechanic and finding both of these trades are reputable businesses and people that you can trust? That is the assurance of our business and staff at Glynde Crash Repairs and the Glynde Garage. We are proud members of the esteemed RAA Approved Repairers group and welcome the scrutiny that comes from our membership with the Motor Trade Association. We invite you to peruse our testimonials and reviews online, however know that the best gauge of our quality is from personal experience. We dedicate ourselves to impressing you and have the utmost confidence we won’t fall short. Our panel beating and paint work is even backed by a lifetime warranty.

Street Machine Modifications

How is that car of yours coming along? Do you get asked this question of your project car started some time ago and have to answer that it is still sitting in the shed untouched in how many years… Why don’t you let Glynde Crash Repairs help turn that answer on its head, get your project car finished and out of its project state and on to the road turning heads. Our team of vehicle enthusiasts will delight in your restoration work. Whether your passion is in English sports cars, American gas guzzlers or good old Australian models, our team will help bring your project car out of your dreams and into driving reality.

One Stop Auto Shop

If our motivation to please and put you back behind the wheel, safely getting around and looking schmick while you’re doing it, was enough to win your business, our immeasurable motivation would do it every time. Because we value your enquiry, from Rostrevor and beyond, of our business and our workmanship, we invite you to call or visit our Glynde Crash Repairs workshop and see firsthand just how motivated we are.

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  • Great work guys, had them repaint a bumper of mine that was scratched up, its looks exactly like new again Vicky 08/06/2019