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Improve the safety and performance of your roof, with Aquaguard. The simple and effective fine mesh design blocks out room for debris to gather. Your gutters stay cleaner and pest-free. Our design has won the best gutter product in Australia and it’s used by thousands of homeowners in Adelaide. There will be less debris in your gutters and no more pests or birds damaging your roof. Your rainwater quality will also improve and your house is kept safe from fires because there’s no dry debris. For homes in hilly, forestry areas like Coromandel Valley, Aquaguard works wonders. Contact us today on 1300 997 619 to book in a roof inspection. We’re also based in Adelaide’s south at 4/30 Aldershot Road Lonsdale.

No more leaves

Tank Water System Friendly

Bushfire And Storm Safe

Good-Bye Birds, Pests & Vermin

Aquaguard features

Say goodbye to saggy gutters that don’t capture or drain your water quickly and efficiently. Aquaguard has the highest CSIRO flammability index rating and fire resistance. It’s UV resistant and constructed from high-grade aluminium that won’t rust. For homes in coastal and marine areas, Aquaguard is extra beneficial, for its anti-corrosion properties. Our solution gives you full gutter protection against leaves and pests. They won’t weigh down your roof any longer. You’ll drink fresher and cleaner water, too.

Free gutter guard consultation

We’ll assess your house to recommend the right Aquaguard product for you. By creating a ‘ski-slope’ so no rubbish or leaves grip to surfaces, your gutters always stay clean and clear. Even the smallest materials can’t penetrate the barriers. Book your free consultation today.

Safe installations

Our tradespeople are insured and use modern safety equipment during the installation process. We’re accredited and hold all the relevant safety certificates to meet Australian quality standards. It’s important for our clients to feel confident in our abilities. We’re happy to chat through any questions or concerns you have. Roofing products and services are all we do. We live and breathe roofs. 

If you live in Coromandel Valley SA 5051, call us today on 1300 997 619. We’ll talk you through our five-step process. This includes a safety check and inspection, cleaning your gutters, flushing out the system with water, installing our high-grade Aquaguard, and conducting a thorough final check. It’s a system we’ve developed over time and we know it works. Our company has been awarded the best gutter guard product in Australia, so rest assured, your investment is in good hands.

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