Waterproofing in Adelaide

Waterproofing Adelaide

For general waterproofing support in your home, call us. We diagnose the source of water leaks and resolving issues on existing houses. If you have a water leak, we’re your expert team. This precedure, while only a minor portion of total construction costs, it’s important to get it right. It causes building complaints and remedial repairs. Use us to protect the structure of your house. This process completed by professionals starts at the base and continues to the roof. This ensures it’s protected from water ingress – damage that can affect the safety, strength, and lifespan of your home. if you live in Adelaide, hire us to fix your waterproofing. Discuss your requirements today. Our waterproof solutions are individually tailored to you. Talk to us today.

Waterproof membrane paint

Are you building a new house? We can execute the detailed application of all waterproofing systems. Liquid applied membranes, for example, are specialised in this field so the process is efficient and convenient. It’s perfect for a range of uses, both on interior and exterior surfaces. This includes:  On the ground Waterproof concrete and bitumen floors, plus driveway surfaces  On the roof Suitable for metal deck roofs and fixing box gutters  On walls For concrete and brick wall cladding, and internal plasterboard  In your bathroom Protect your shower cubicles and additional wet areas  In the garden Protect storage tanks and waterproof behind retaining walls. Liquid waterproof membrane is a versatile and effective solution to household leaks. We use it to help look after your biggest investment, your house.

Internal Waterproofing

Internal waterproofing

Waterproofing for internal applications is designed to be applied under tiled finishes or screed in wet areas. It’s a waterborne synthetic rubber membrane with a rough keyed finish, so the all top layers are bonded. Some of the areas of use include:  Bathroom sealing  Shower recesses  Covered tiled balconies  Deck areas  Rooftops  Basements  Swimming pools and water features  Laundries and kitchens  Concrete, cement render, and plaster  Wet area wall lining board  Fibre Cement sheet (FC sheet)  Light weight aggregate block  Plasterboard and gyprock  Plywood, FC sheet, and particle board flooring. Talk to us about yourneeds, both inside and out.

New building construction

This type of sealing is an essential part of any new home build or renovation project. The process includes roof covering materials and siding. If not performed correctly from the get-go, there might be expensive damage that needs to be fixed in the future. Avoid this by going through a professional company, like ours. We offer high-quality and cost-effective services for residential wet areas and external parts. There are many types of waterproof membrane systems available, dependent on your specific requirements. It’s not just a matter of applying a membrane to walls and floors. There’s so much more that are required to safeguard your home against water damage. Our stringent, comprehensive procedures ensure consistent results. We don’t take shortcuts.

Hire local waterproofing drainage experts

We’re a specialist contractor with years of experience waterproofing Adelaide homes. Regardless of the size and type of your house, we can help. Qualified, experienced and following strict OH&S standards, you know our service is the best in the business. Think of us as your full-service team. We have the skills to waterproof almost anything around your home – from your floors and walls to windows and roof. Contact us and our guys will diagnose and fix the issue, using premium products and materials. Our work is long-lasting, effective, and economical. Talk to our team of experts today. Book in a consultation with us and we’ll travel to your Adelaide SA 5000 home.

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