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“Ltd. Content Video

Social Media Videos in Adelaide

  • Need a professional video production?
  • Looking for experts to transform your raw content into the perfect video product?
  • Need an initial training and ongoing support on how to not only use the kit but get the best quality footage?
  • Ltd. Content Video helps companies of all sizes to have access to professional video production.
  • Want to discuss your requirements?

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Our Services

LTD Content Video, your annual solution to professional video production. We create all kinds of clips for marketing use. More and more, we’re seeing videos on social media. Short clips are effective for social marketing by telling your brand’s story. Short films aren’t just for big brands with big budgets. Social platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and even Instagram and Facebook all use videos. We’ve worked with many South Australian businesses, including Finniss Lodge, Harcourts, Klemich Real Estate, Elephant and Castle, and more. For affordable and professional clips, call Chris today on 0409 087 387. We’re based in Adelaide, South Australia. Check out our portfolio and social media profiles. If you haven’t explored short clips for your business, let’s chat today.

It is our mission to allow any company to have access to professional video production

With expert training and simple equipment, you shoot your own raw content

Send the raw footage to us, and within 48 hours we'll send you back your fully edited video

This perfect blend of in-house & outsourced production allows our clients to produce 10x the amount of footage for the same price

Small business videos

LTD is a content production company founded to help businesses keep up with the drastic shift in how people consume information. We believe that every business should have access to high-quality films. From two, four or up to 50 per month, with our system it doesn’t matter. Our simple production process makes it accessible for every type and size of business. Instead of spending thousands on one clip, you can get 10 times the number for the same price with LTD. Our vision is to connect all businesses with high-quality production, so making clips becomes an ongoing part of your marketing plan, not a once-off activity. With social marketing, consistency is best.

Promotional videos

Embrace the power of social media clips. What’s great about social is you can share your message across multiple channels. Clips are streamed in a range of formats, in different lengths – six seconds on Vine, 15 seconds on Instagram, and three minutes on Facebook. Audiences are screaming for the creative video produced by brands. And because of our busy lives, short clips are one of the best ways to get spread your message. We’re time poor and our attention spans are becoming shorter, so bite-size content works well. There’s also the growth of mobile devices and consuming content on-the-go. So, the shorter the better when it comes to marketing.

There are some big numbers when it comes to using clips in your social marketing. One recent article uncovered that 46% of consumers made a purchase after watching a branded social clip. The main reason? These films see a lot of eyeballs, as opposed to television these days. We’re spending more time on our phones than we are watching TV. Brands of today require a multi-platform marketing approach, and films on social media are a great strategy. They deliver what consumers want through thoughtful, humanised content. A tailored approach to each network is required, by paying attention to ongoing feedback and responsiveness.

Video production

With our expert training and simple equipment, it’s never been easier to shoot your own raw content to use in your social media. Then, send us your footage and we’ll do the rest within 48 hours – fully edited and coloured graded, with an intro and outro, lower third name titles, music, and cutaways. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to post your clip to your social channels.

We’ve made our process the perfect blend of in-house and outsourced production, so you can get more bang for your buck. Get 10 times the amount of footage for the same price. We’ve built a specific kit around Apple’s iPhone which includes everything you need to shoot your own footage. We’ll work together at the start to train you on how to use the kit, as well as getting the best footage. Whenever you need us, we’ll be here to offer support.

Content videos

You can do just about anything with short films. Here’s a list of six types of video content you can produce:

  1. Show your fans how to do something (e.g. solve a problem or how to use your product)
  2. Showcase your skills with short and engaging clips
  3. Film an event that you’re attending
  4. Reveal a new product but don’t be too overly promotional
  5. Go behind the scenes to let your audience see the people behind your brand
  6. Use what you have by doing cool things with simple props.

The rise of short films in marketing is changing the way we communicate and connect with our audiences. Video is one of the single most important platforms to tell our story. No matter what you’re selling or what your company does, producing short clips should be part of your strategy. You’re building a library of resources for your potential customers to learn about your company.

Looking to introduce clips into your social media marketing? Embrace short films in your marketing without breaking the budget. We can help your business in Adelaide 5000. Call Chris today on 0409 087 387.

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