Smoke Alarms Adelaide

Smoke alarms in Adelaide

We install smoke alarms fast to keep your family safe. All South Australian homes must comply with laws – that every dwelling has a functional alarm installed. If you’ve recently moved into a new house and you need electricians to check the alarm, we can help. Our team of experienced electricians service, maintain and install detectors in all types of Adelaide homes. Don’t risk putting your family (and
investment) in danger. Talk to us about electrical safety inspections. We recommend this service if your house or the wiring is old or you have concerns about equipment or appliances. It’s also important if you’re planning to invest in upgrading your electrical system or you’re selling your property. This provides reassurance to potential buyers. Hire us to come out to your home and check everything for you. Call us today to book your appointment.

The importance of smoke detectors

Detectors are important for giving you a warning of a fire. Get the peace of mind that if you’re asleep, you’ll be woken up by an alarm. Systems that aren’t properly installed or maintained may active alarms, so it’s important to have an electrician regularly check the product – and even worse, not activate when there is a fire risk. When smoke occurs, it can prevent you from seeing anything. This, combined with inhaling the smoke, can cause impaired judgement. Alarms can prevent this from happening, by alerting you the second there’s an issue. You’ll be able to evacuate before toxic gases and flames start to affect you. If you’re unsure how often to replace your alarm, talk to a professional. We’ll be able to visit your home and let you know the lifespan of your system. As a general rule, replacement is recommended every 10 years. Maintenance is the key to keeping your alarm in great condition.

Protect your family from fires

By law, you must have mains smoke alarms installed. There are also other things you can do to minimise potential fire or electrical risk in your home. Here are some of the other services to invest in:
General maintenance
Lighting repairs
Power repairs
Security lighting
Sensor lighting
Bathroom heating
Exhaust fans
Ceiling fans
LED lights
Safety switches

Switchboard upgrades
Oven repairs & installations
Electric hot water repairs
Emergency repairs.

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How many fire alarms should I have?

The number of alarms you need will depend on how big your house is, the design, the bedrooms, and how far they’re separated. Is your house double or single storey? Talk to one of our electricians to help you identify where your alarms should be
located within your house (and how many). We’ll also provide you a full quote on replacing or adding new alarms to your home’s interior.

Smoke alarm maintenance & testing

Smoke detectors need to be cleaned and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. It’s best to complete this every six months – removing dust, lint, cobwebs and other debris from the outside of the alarm. It’s also a good
idea to test every month to check the system is working. You should change the battery every year. If well maintained, your system should last up to a decade, but electrical upkeep is key. Invest in regular servicing to safeguard your family and be alerted on the early signs of a fire so you can take quick action. Need an electrician for your smoke alarms? Get in touch with us now. We’ll come out to your Adelaide home today.

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