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Rubbish Management Service

Don’t let your home or commercial premises become a rubbish tip. While the average wheelie bin can only hold so much, if you are doing some renovations or a major clean up, or just have more stuff than your regular bin can handle, then hire a dedicated and reliable team to come and take it all away for you. We can take a wide range of materials such as hard, green and chemical. if you are in the region, then call us today to take away your unwanted junk. Servicing you and the local community for all of their rubbish removal and bin hire needs, we ensure that you will receive the highest quality service for your money and will know you have sound a company that you can trust and continue to have repeated service with.

We come to you, so no need to stress about how you’re going to get all that waste to the local landfill. Just fill up your skip bin, or we can even do it for you, and we’ll take care of the rest with a professional service that will make sure that all off the mess will be recycled and disposed of correctly. We service all residential homes and commercial business throughout the city and will happily work with you to have what ever unwanted materials you have taken away.

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Types of Waste We Take

We take a large assortment of materials from around your standard home or business. We want to be able to have you get rid of everything and anything that you don’t need anymore, no matter how big or dangerous it may be. This is the type of material that is rather hard for you to dispose of yourself, so you will need a company like ours to do it for you. Everything will be recycled that can be, and any dangerous elements like paint, thinners, and other chemicals will be taken care of in the safest and cleanest way.


We take a large variety of hard rubbish, this is actually one of our most popular choices that people tend to take. This can include a large list of materials and objects that are generally found around your home or office. Things such as used furniture & bedding, any types of electronics like televisions, radios, fridges etc, white good such as washing machines, dryers and any other household appliances, desks, cabinets, tv stands and much more. Almost everything in your home or office can be taken away by us.


This is a fairly straight forward one, but one that some people still get confused with. This service allows you to fill our bins with a large selection of green waster objects such as grass clippings, leaves and branches, tree stumps, wood, bark, straw and really anything that you may have pilled up from your last gardening day that needs to be taken away before it decomposes on your lawn. We recycle all of the material that we pick up that is left over from your gardening, and use it for future mulching and gardening projects.


If you’re working on a  site, and its starting to get a little crowded with mess, then you need it removed by an expert. We can come to where ever the work site is and have everything removed and cleared up in the quickest possible time to ensure your working environment is free from junk and provided you with more room to get the job done. We will take everything from steel & metal, bricks, plasterboard, wires, tubes, concrete, glass and any general materials that have been left over.


No matter how messy your home of office may get, there is always a solution to have it cleaned again. Whether you have a shed or room filled with mess, an office that has stored a mountain of stuff at the premises, or just need to have a spring clean, we are here for you. We will collect and dispose of pretty much anything ranging from paper, glass, cardboard, plastic, clothing and shoes, toys, boxes, fabric, and much much more. To book this type of service, call us on the number provided and we can come to your home or work place and have it free from clutter in no time.

Skip Bin Hire

 We have a variety of sizes to suit every requirement in the region, so whether you’re a residential customer or commercial enterprise, we’ll have a bin to suit you. Our rentals can be left on your premises for up to 5 days while you fill them up, then we’ll come and collect it, taking your rubbish away and disposing of it in a manner that is kind to the environment. We want to provide a quality experience for you and will always arrive on time to drop off and pick up the waste bin. If the process of loading up all of the materials is a little to much for you, we can even help you load all of it up to make the experience even greater for you.

Skip Bin Sizes:

  • 2.5 Cubic Metre – Perfect for those smaller jobs with the capacity of more than 2 standard box trailers.
  • 4.5 Cubic Metre – Equivalent to 4.5 box trailers of space and great for medium-sized projects.
  • 7 Cubic Metre – One of the big guns. Perfect for large home projects and building projects.
  • 9 Cubic Metre – This is the one you need for those large jobs, with a capacity equal to 9 box trailers.

Each bin comes with a convenient door that folds out for easy wheelbarrow access. No need to break your back with heavy lifting. Our bins make the job a breeze, and will make you want to keep using us and our service over and over again.

We Look After the Environment

 Responsible rubbish removal is not just about cleaning up the home or building site. It’s what happens to that trash once it’s been removed that really counts. We believe in looking after our environment. When we remove your filled skip bin, we don’t just dump it all in landfill. The waste is sorted into sections for green waste, metal, concrete, biodegradable, paper, cardboard and so on. This is our promise to you and to all of our clients. So many companies will take the cheap route and dump the mess where ever they can, we take every step necessary to ensure that all of the junk will be sorted, recycled and stored in the safest possible way for the benefit of the planet.

About Us

 For all your mini skip requirements, you can count on us for the very best service, prices and a green-friendly company. Being a smaller company, we can offer a more personalised service for our valued customers, so call today for all your rubbish waste removal requirements. Our level of customer service and satisfaction is something that we take great pride in and is something that we work hard to uphold. No matter what type of materials you have that need to be taken away, we will always make sure that we can do it at the earliest possible time for you.


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