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Our Services

For all your video needs, contact us, Ltd Content Videos. If you’re looking for a professional production team to spread your brand’s message, we can help. We’ve worked with a range of clients, including Jamie KAH, Francis Group, General Store, German Arms, and Finniss Lodge. We assist companies to create more film content, for a fraction of the cost. Get your movies done locally through us. All Adelaide businesses wanting to create cost-effective films, get in touch with us today. Call us now on 0409 087 387. Check us out on the work we’ve done.

It is our mission to allow any company to have access to professional video production

With expert training and simple equipment, you shoot your own raw content

Send the raw footage to us, and within 48 hours we'll send you back your fully edited video

This perfect blend of in-house & outsourced production allows our clients to produce 10x the amount of footage for the same price

Small business videos

The world of consuming information is changed. We’re watching more YouTube than traditional TV. This is why we believe every business should have video content. It’s another way your customers can learn about you. Films can be fun, engaging and tell your company’s unique story. Whether you need two or twenty videos per month, we can help. Our production process is made scalable to any business size, which means you can get 10 times the number of content for the same price as one in the traditional method. We create films for you, affordably.

Video production

All businesses are jumping on board the promote themselves through film. Customers are loving it. Producing content doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve developed a system to make it easy, effectively, and efficiently. Do you own an iPhone 6s? Use our specific kit, which includes everything you need to shoot your own footage. We’ll help you with the initial training and ongoing support to guide you to the get great footage.

Promotional videos

Want to promote yourself to Adelaide and the world? Short films are a great way to do this. They’re one of the most beneficial ways to communicate online with potential customers. You can add the link to your social media channels to connect with your current fans and remain top of mind.

Content videos

Once you film your content, send it over to our team via Dropbox (or another cloud program) and we’ll send it back to you professionally edited. It will be colour graded, with an intro and outro, name titles, music, and cutaways. Best of all, we do this within 48 hours. Whether you’re conducting interviews with clients, sharing information about a product or introducing a new staff member, videos are a great channel to promote it. Working with us, you’ll get a team of expert editors and videographers to spread your message.

If you live in Adelaide SA 5000, call us today on 0409 087 387. Let’s talk about how we can bring your business to life, on screen.

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