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Dog Grooming Adelaide

Mobile Dog Grooming Adelaide

Give your pet a pampering by using us, your local team of groomers. We love dogs as much as you, so we’ll treat your pooch with care. Let us know if there’s something specific you want. We clip and trim the hair then bathe and dry your pet. Making sure your pooch feels comfortable is important to us. Our goal is to for him (or her) to actually enjoy a trip to the groomer, instead of barking all the way there. If don’t have time to clip and wash your dog or would simply like it professionally done, call us. We travel all over Adelaide.

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You wouldn’t go six months without a haircut, would you? Every morning, you pull out that hairbrush and comb out those stubborn knots. The same goes for your pooch. Regular clipping, trimming, and bathing will keep your k9’s hair in great condition. Not to mention fleas, ticks or worms – three things you never want your dog to have. We use products to minimise these issues and keep your pooch happy and healthy. Let them run around in the grass as much as they want. We’ve got you covered.

Remove all excess hair

Our pet care grooming service is especially useful for big dogs with a heavy coat. A strip and groom will remove all excess and dead hair, leaving the coat smoother and knot-free. We finish it off with a bath and groom. Regular trims every eight weeks is recommended to prevent knots. Bring your pooch into see us and we’ll take care of the upkeep throughout the year. All you need to do is pencil in the appointments into your calendar. Why not make it a special day out for you, too?

Clipping & trimming your pet dog

We’ll perform any clipping and trimming requirements. The comfort of your pooch is always our number one focus. If pooch is jumping around, we have strategies to ensure it doesn’t lead to injuries. We’ll start with the haircut, remove the bulk of the hair and move onto bathing. Your k9 will never be left on the table unsupervised. Our service isn’t just about cutting theirhair. It’s about giving it style. Our qualified staff will go through any hair cut style you envision for your best friend.

Bathing & drying

Our specially-fitted bath unit is used to wash your pet in fresh warm water. Our shampoo and conditioner range is high-quality and designed for use on pets. Please communicate with us if your pet has had any previous irritations. Last but not least, we’ll dry them and brush out all the dead hair. Then, it’s onto the styling. Every mans best friend is different and we’ll create a look that’s unique to your dog. Get that salon finish by bringing your them to us.

The hair salon for your dog

Looking for a pet groomer in your area? We specialise in clipping and grooming. Your pooch will run out looking beautiful, with our shampoos and conditioners making their coat shiny (and smelling great). Talk to us if you’re looking for nutritional advice and food that will naturally improve the look of their hair. Want to find out how much regular grooming services cost? Call us today and we’ll have a chat about the breed, size and special needs of your pet. From small cats through to large dogs, we’re your local pet clipping, trimming, bathing and drying service. Say goodbye to those messy attempts at washing your pooch at home. we are the best mobile dog wash adelaide and will have your pooch looking like new in no time.

How to cut dog hair 

Having your k9’s hair cut is a very importnat step to take to ensure that they have healthy and beautiful hair. If you would like to take a chance at cutting your animals hair yourself, then you will need the right tools and the right know how. you will always want to make sure that you have a good quality set of scissors, and the right shampooing liquids to ensure that their hair stays clean and paracite free after you give them the inital cut. You will want to start out taking small portions of the hair off at the start, just so you will be able to see what it looks like, and how much more to take off. Taking hair off around the eyes is always one of the best places to start, as hair can start to get matted and dirty around the eyes and this can cause infections in your mans best friends eyes. If you would like to have the job done at the most proffesional level, call us today and we will be able to come to your premises at any time and have your pet looking like and brand new animal in no time at all.

How much will it cost?

The inital cost will vary from animal to animal, and will rely ona few key factors. One of the first key factoes is the size of your pet. The bigger they are, the more ahir there will be to cut, the longer the nails usually will be, and do on. Another factor will be how much hair is involved, and how matted and dirty it may be. The dirtier and more unkept the hair, the longer it will take to cut and groom properly. If you would like to know and exact price of how much $$$$ it will cost, contact us today and we will be able to give you a rough estimate before you get started. One thing we can garuntee is that we offer the most affordable prices as well as the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Services

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