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Ceilings & Ceiling Repair Adelaide

Best ceiling repair company in Adelaide

We are the ceiling repair specialists in Adelaide, who ensure that your home’s interiors are number one for quality and enduring beauty. Your inner roof and interior finish are like your skin, you want them unblemished and perfect to behold. Smooth surfaces, which reflect an untroubled countenance for structure and its occupants. We can fix damage from water, fire or smoke. Rectify collapsed ceilings and repair any pre-existing problems. We do decorative ceiling and walls, cornices and plasterboard. Whether for residential or commercial premises, our services are second to none. Insurance work carried out with professional assurance. If your building’s interior finish is important to you, contact us now for a quote. Our experience is your guarantee.

Ceiling Damage Repaired

We repair ceiling damage in Adelaide for all types of homes and commercial establishments. Utilising top quality gyprock and plaster products, paints and insulation material, we ensure that your inside roof is restored to a perfect interior finish. Get superior repairs for fire damage, water damage and collapsed ceilings. Your home’s inner ceiling will be in good hands; and we get the job done fast. Affordable ceiling damage repairs throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. Reliable and guaranteed.

New Ceilings

Your new repair will be installed on time and on budget in Adelaide by the best in the business. We do cornices and insulation. Quality work carried out by fully licenced tradesmen. Decorative ceilings and plain ones installed. We can provide intricate ornamental work of a high standard. Affordable ceilings, walls and partitions for all sorts of buildings. Call for a quote today.

Emergency Repairs

For emergency repairs in Adelaide, we deliver on time. Don’t let it cave in on your head, get professional assistance fast. We will ensure that the damage will be fixed fast and securely. Our emergency service means rapid response repairs for your ceiling throughput the city and surrounds. 24/7 emergency call outs. Contact us now.

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Renovation Ceiling Work

We provide professional upgrades for you in renovated homes and buildings at affordable rates in Adelaide. Our plasterboard  repairs, panel, suspended, rondo, false ceilings, bulkheads, decorative roses, and ornate ceiling panels, are second to none. Our renovation work will perfect your next makeover project. Interior finishes that you can trust. We can insulate, flush, cornice and replace your ceiling. Our plaster work is of the highest standard; and our portfolio of completed projects will provide peace of mind. Talk to us today and get a quote.

How to Plasterboard a Ceiling

Firstly, check with an electrician to make sure there is no live wiring to be concerned about. Insulation should be installed prior to plasterboarding your inside roof. Next, check that your trusses are level, because the plasterboards will be attached to them. Measuring the length and width of your ceiling is vital to get exactly right. Measure from internal corner to internal corner and mark out the lengths on the plasterboard. Work out how many sheets of plasterboard you will require, as derived by the width of the area. Mark where your plasterboard sheets will need to be cut to fit. Cut your plasterboard sheets with a utility knife via a finger gauge. Next, mark where the positions of your battens are on the wall frame. Apply glue to the wooden battens, apply it in dollops at even sections. Then, affix the plasterboard to the battens and drill in screws where you have marked the battens. Do not put screws in where you have applied glue, because they will be pushed out by the drying process. For a perfect interior finish, we recommend using professional plasterers.

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