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Amazing Bathroom Renovations 

Renovating your bathroom comes with an immense sense of pride, but it is also one of the best ways to add value to your home. If you are renovating for financial gain the main question you will ask yourself is, how much should a renovation cost? And what are the average bathroom renovation prices Adelaide?

This is an extremely broad question because no two rooms are alike, and no two renovators have the same taste. In order to turn a profit you are trying to rejuvenate your wet area for the most visual impact with the least expense. Therefore I would recommend a cosmetic renovation over a structural one. This means updating simple items like tiles, taps, fixtures, towel rails, shower screens and mirrors. Doing this will give the most visual impact and avoid unnecessarily demolishing and rebuilding walls. By all means do this in your dream home to achieve the perfect room you desire, but don’t do it as a financial decision, as the cost will outweigh the impact.

Most of what you will see when entering will be on the walls. The tiles can make or break a makeover. Obviously you cater to the market, so in an affluent area more money can be invested in quality finishes, whereas in a rental area it is more important to stick to a budget and work on making clever colour choices, rather than using premium materials.

Use neutral colours. Three rules of selling a home are de-clutter, depersonalise and neutralise. The first two can be solved when you are decorating your home, however the colour is part of the change. Whilst a feature wall may be a bold move, be careful how outrageous you go with the colour. You don’t want to risk alienating a sector of buyers. If you want to introduce a colour, then do it with removable items like complimentary towels. This is one of the best ways to get that incredible look in your new room. If you would like to know how to achieve the perfect style, then call us today and we will be able to help you every step of the way.

Bathroom Fittings & Supplies

When it’s time for an New Bathroom Renovation it’s a great idea to take inspiration from magazines and the internet. This will give you a starting point, which is vital in kick starting any remodeling of your shower room. From there, I suggest visiting a showroom. Quality showrooms or warehouses will have an abundance of visual, tangible product, as well as some rooms set up as visual displays. These are great for seeking inspiration for when it is time to go to work. Choosing high quality fitting is one of the best ways to ensure that your new showering setup is the best that it can possibly be. The last thing that you want if for your new design to start rusting because you chose cheap, imported materials that just wont last. We only use the highest quality products and will ensure that they will last a lifetime while staying in immaculate condition so you can enjoy their purpose for many years to come.

Budget Designs & Builds

Not every remodeling is going to be for your dream home. Some are done merely to tidy up a dilapidated wet area and ready a property for market or rental. The best ways to conduct this is to select budget materials. This involves selecting a tile that is safe or neutral in colour, but at the budget end of the spectrum. Believe me, if it is tiled and grouted well, any tile will look good once it is brand new. So don’t get caught up comparing it in the showroom to better bathroom tiles, choose one that will do the job.

Buying seconds, or floor stock can also save you a packet on vanities or toilets. Talk to a contractor in the know, or visit a bathroom renovators warehouse for great deals and tips on how to save money. Don’t fall into the trap of saving money online for big items like a vanity unit. The transport costs are exorbitant for heavy items and will cancel out any internet savings.


Finding a quality contractor, or builder is never easy, but the best place to start is with online reviews. There is never any perfect system, and obviously it can be flawed with people writing their own reviews, but some research is still better than not having a safeguard at all. Always make sure that the contractor you are looking for has a long history of great reviews from satisfied customers. This will give you greater piece of mind and will ensure that the person taking on the job will be the best in the industry and will have the job done right he first time.


By far the greatest places to seek inspiration and nab a bargain are at warehouses. Forget the name warehouse for a minute, these places are no longer dingy concrete sheds with dusty vanities and self serve stacks of tiles. Many warehouse owners now have extensive displays that they have put a lot of thought and effort into designing. The result is that you can see some different ideas in action and take some inspiration for your project. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably grab some great bargains also.

How much will a new bathroom cost?

The price of having  anew bathroom installed will vary from person to person. Naturally the bigger the design, the more materials used, and the quality of the materials will have a different impact on the initial price. You want to make sure that you are always using the best materials possible in your new room design, as picking cheap products can have a long term effect on the quality and lifespan of the finished products. We suggest always using 100% Australian made materials in the build as they are some of the best in the world and will last decades before you ever have to replace them. One thing we can ensure is that we will always use the highest quality Australian materials, and will offer you the most competitive price to save you $$$$.


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